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The Big Weigh In… A Weekend Warrior Cyclist’s Worst Nightmare


Rather than bother with a scale, I have monitored my weight by the belt hole and mirror approach.  About the only time I bother with a scale is when I see the doctor.

I couldn’t get over a mental niggle in the back of my melon though.  How much will I have to lose this spring to get to fighting weight of 170 to 171 pounds? How much damage did I do over Thanksgiving and Christmas?

These questions are common for the weekend warrior cyclist. Not exactly earthshattering, but important nonetheless.

I’m already working on getting back to square but I wanted to know for certain what kind of chore this was going to be. Well, part of me wanted to know… another part wanted me to bury my head in the sand.

I finally sucked it up and dug out our scale and put a battery in it. The news is good. 178 pounds, only 7 pounds over mid-season weight. To say “I can live with that” is an understatement. I can have that gone before spring even gets here. Not only does this mean I can be race weight through spring base miles, I will have the option to go lower if I can get the okay from my wife (truthfully neither one of us likes me that skinny, till I’m climbing a mountain, then I’m quite okay with it – not so much with my wife… when it comes to my weight, this is one of the times where it’s okay to say, “just push harder”).


Works better when one's butt is slender

In any event, I rode with my buds on the mountain bikes yesterday and it was spectacular. It was exceptionally windy and cold, well below freezing, but I’ve got my clothing figured out so well I’m at least comfortable now… And with a minimum of trouble. Leg warmers, shorts, thermal tights, wool socks, neoprene foot covers, thin tech shirt, thermal running shirt, thermal jacket, thermal balaclava, helmet, and I’m good down to 20 degrees (F, or -7 C).

Mike, Phill, Brad and I had an easy but exceptionally fun time. There was laughter, fist bumps and smiles all around. There were sprints for City Limits signs, planning for the early spring events and a profound gratitude for not having to be on the trainers.

Better, I’m already up 60 miles from my outrageously awesome 2015 with a week left in the month. Better still, I feel strong. I’m sure, if I tried real hard, I could find something to complain about but why bother?

The one thing in life it pays to be lazy with – looking at the down-side of things.

Works for me. C’mon, Spring! Get here already! WOOHOO!


  1. In order for me to get to a decent riding weight by Spring, I will have to subject myself to a 2 week purge. I have done that twice in my cycling life and each of those years were prime riding seasons for me. I am 6’1″ tall and if I ever made it to the weight you are now, no one would be able to keep up with me.

  2. bonnev659 says:

    I haven’t weight myself since I moved…. I will see how that turns out.. happy riding

  3. MJ Ray says:

    “Race weight”? Go on, enter your nearest UWCT event. That’d be an interesting blog post.

  4. MJ Ray says:

    Oh and commiserations on the -7C. At least you know that’s winter. We’re dealing with very strange 13C weather in England but don’t worry, the tail of that storm hitting New York is about to dump rain all over us and might flood places that flooded twice this winter already (fortunately not near me).

  5. Sheree says:

    7lbs isn’t too bad at all. I know pros who put on 7kgs.

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