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Hillary Feels the Bern; Liberals Prove, Yet Again, They’re too Sexist to Give a Woman the Top Job

Trigger (heh) warning: This is a political post from a conservative point of view. This is not my normal recovery/cycling/fitness post. If you can’t stand the truth, and if you’re a Liberal, I digress… don’t bother reading further. I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings. I won’t change your mind with this post and you won’t change mine in the comments section. This is the conclusion of my Trigger (heh) warning.

Iowa kicked Hillary Clinton’s butt last night, where avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders, virtually unelectable in the general election, all but tied her in the Caucuses. Democrats, according to their standards, are obviously sexist. They can’t bear to give a woman the top job. Must be.

That out of the way, it is increasingly important to remember that when a Liberal chastises you, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Conservative, for a Misunderstood Mind Misdemeanor, when they spot it, they got it.  This is the second time in a row that an upstart in a field of candidates who had no chance against Hillary Clinton, in this case who had no money or political ground game as of nine months ago gave her fits in the Iowa Caucuses. 

When a Liberal accuses you of a mind crime, they’re almost always projecting their own feelings onto you. 

Don’t feed the animals, just roll your eyes, shake your head and walk away. 

Also telling, after the New York Times’s endorsement of the most liberal Republican in the field but not the most conservative Liberal, Ted Cruz took Iowa over The Donald.  That surprised me as the polls were flipped for the two and the press was way off on Marco Rubio who came in a close third.

Finally, one more thing to take away from the Iowa Primary results:  The polls were, across the board, wrong.  Everything we’ve heard over the last month about how candidates were polling, was off*.

* In Mrs. Clinton’s case, the polling isn’t necessarily the fault of misreading, poor weighting or misrepresentation as it usually is.  The fact that she had almost 40 pages of emails on her server (that she’d thought was wiped [with a towel?]) were so Top Secret they can’t even be released in redacted form, is going to have a negative effect.

Now, if you think this is only about Hillary’s email server as Secretary of State, you’re mistaken.  When she was running in 2008, she excoriated George W. Bush for having a private email address in addition to his government address.  She claimed this was to “avoid transparency”…  Ironic, that. 

Oh, and while I’m at it, one tidbit on Chris Christie, and his major miscalculation… His mantra, for years, has been that Americans want politicians to “get things done”. Chris, with all due respect, much of the country is fatigued. Almost across the board, with the exception of the far left wing, we’re quite tired of politicians getting certain things done and not others. It’s become quite clear that politicians cannot, indeed, chew gum and talk at the same time, as is witnessed by our ridiculous budget deficit. Many Americans see politicians “getting things done” as a very bad thing. I like to say this, “I’ll tell you what, you balance your checkbook first, then talk to me about ‘getting (other) things done'”.

Just sayin’.

Some other prominent Socialists: Bonito Mussolini, Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Karl Marx (scientific socialism)… Wonderful company.

Fit Recovery: Fun Facts about My Recovery.

I’ve been sober for 732,240,000 seconds, give or take a second or 2,000.

That’s 12,204,000 minutes.

203,400 hours.

8,475 days.

278 months.

23 years.  And some change.

I was 22 when I quit.

I have never relapsed, though I was close a time or two.

In the three years before I quit I was arrested four times.

In the 23 years since I haven’t been arrested once.  I did get two speeding tickets though.

I still avoid the liquor aisle at grocery stores and gas stations.  I won’t even look at the coolers directly.

I haven’t been in a bar, except for a lunch with my wife on a 40 mile bike ride, in more than a decade.  It was the only place within 15 miles that served food.  We were out in the boonies.

I can still get antsy when I’m around people who are drinking so I make sure I have my car parked in a place where it can’t be blocked in, just in case I have to make a quick exit.

Most of the friends I ride with don’t drink.  All of my other friends are sober.

I can still remember the hopelessness I felt the day before I quit (actually that went on for about two years but it came to a head that last day).

I quit drinking before Ice Beer became popular.  Before Zima was even thought of.  Sam Adams was just becoming popular.

I was prescribed Tylenol 3’s (with Codeine) for an injury about a year into sobriety…  I took one pill and threw the rest in the garbage because I could see myself relapsing on it.

I was prescribed pain killers one other time, for oral surgery.  My wife (then girlfriend) administered them so I wouldn’t abuse them.  I spent that weekend stoned out of my gourd.  I call it my freebie weekend.  That was a little more than two decades ago.

My car was hit in a car accident five years ago or so.  The impact was so violent it bent my driver’s seat back.  I hit my head on the headrest hard enough that I blacked out.  I was prescribed pain killers for that but got a second opinion and had my back and spine cracked back into place instead.  I never filled the prescription.

The day I quit drinking, a doctor estimated that I had about 7 years before I died of liver failure, based on a liver enzyme test.  A little more than 2 decades later and I’m perfectly healthy.

Assuming I maintain my sobriety, I should live to a ripe old age.

If I relapse, that seven year clock starts up again.

That clock makes it a little easier to maintain my “want to” when it comes to staying clean.

It’s a well known fact that if an alcoholic chooses to start drinking again, they pick up where they left off.  If I were to pick up again, I’d be a raging drunk and lose everything I’ve worked for in less than a month.  This isn’t a guess, it’s a fact.  I don’t do much half-assed in case you didn’t notice.  If I didn’t end up in prison, which would be likely, see the clock above.

I always was, and always will be a two-fisted drinker…  A drink in either hand and the bottle (or case) between them.  As they say, to thine own self be true.  The only thing that’s changed is that I choose not to act on that today.

Since I quit, in 1992, my life is a reverse country song… and it is good.

From the Wish Factor on Feeling Like Michael Phelps…

Feeling Like Michael Phelps Sometimes …  –


This is from my daughter’s meet:



I thought the timing, neat.