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Pope Says Anyone Who Builds Walls Instead of Bridges is not Christian…

February 2016
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“Hello pot?  This is the kettle”…

Which reminds me of a joke…

Jesus steps into a fracas.  An angry mob is about to stone a whore to death.  He quiets the crowd and says, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”…

All of a sudden a rock comes sailing in from the back of the crowd and smacks him in the head, knocking him to the ground….

Jesus stands up, dusts himself off, and says, “C’mon mom, knock it off, I’m trying to make a point here!”

I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the Vatican to knock down that wall they built around the city. 

Not really.

That said, and in all fairness, the Pope was set up, in a moment of dispicable gotcha journalism, with a disgustingly misleading question. It’s still, nevertheless, ironic, his answer.


  1. So you’re actually saying that Donald Trump has more perspective on faith than the Pope. You’re actually saying that. And taking it literally, as you have, is evidence why that might be the case. Because if you take the words of Jesus literally, as his disciples once did, Jesus would turn to you and say, “Are so dull?” See, what you’re doing is the same thing the Pharisees once did. Who laughed when Jesus said he could tear down the Temple and rebuild it in three days. And later, they conspired to have Jesus crucified because of his claim that he was the Son of God. So you see, it’s fun to play games with literal interpretations of things. But you had better understand fully what you’re saying, and what the other side is saying. Because to question something literally means you can also be literally wrong. And often are.

    • bgddyjim says:

      No, I’m not saying that, literally or figuratively. The Pope was ambushed by a hack journalist looking for the Pope to make a mistake and he got what he was looking for. The Pope walked right into it. The Pope was misled by the journalist. I know full well what I said and wrote, what was said by both sides and how you probably only got the sound bite.

  2. Archetype says:

    Here’s what I am saying. (of course the religious right zealots won’t be so happy! But I’m not at all concerned)

    The Christian church and its rulers throughout history have always been hypocritical- as all religions have been and continue to be, imo.

    They have also been oppressive and enablers of tyranny throughout history.
    The Christian ancient doctrines pronounced to Christians- “to capture, vanquish and subdue the enemies of Christ…” (sic)

    But I’ll skip the thousands of years of history and jump to the present. So, the Christian church has been an enabler and friend to those who would limit liberty, I.E. nations, governments, etc. The past perhaps,100 years or so, the church had softened its tone on (soft) tyranny and certain oppression’s, whether being an enabler or a cheerleader.

    But with this pope’s induction, I have noticed an extreme about face. This guy is hands down one of the most vocal national socialists in the last 90 +/- years or so. Probably have to go back to Pius XI, to last fascist pope, until now that is.

    The things he has stated and the things he calls for is astounding in the realm of freedom and liberty. He is unapologetic in his fervor and cheerleading for the West’s Fourth Reich. It’s simply amazing to me that hardly anyone of significance has called him out.

    I have some family members who are to many, right wing religious republicans and even they have raised eyebrows and questioned the things the pope has said. But I guess no one nor I should be surprised. Organized religions are at their core, oppressive to a point. Some more than others. But following a strict Dogma requires one to give up certain liberties, albeit “voluntarily”

    But the fact that the Christian church or more appropriately, the Vatican has turned rather tyrannical (though soft at this point) in the last couple of years is a bit unsettling. hey look religion can be many things to many different people, a belief of a high power is all well and good. But when you have enterprises or ‘representatives’ of religions, that are nothing more than quasi-government like entities professing to infringe upon another’s right or beliefs, that’s a huge problem, it’s always been a problem. Guess it will always be…

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nothing new under the sun brother, but I don’t see it being quite that desperate yet.

      • Archetype says:

        No, I don’t think it’s desperate either Jim, but it’s eye opening for sure. At least for a non-religious person. (Don’t even get me started on that other so-called ‘religion’ that really practices under a Law… ) 😉

  3. John 8.

    I am married to someone who thinks the idea of a pope is the biggest joke ever. Her parents had audience with Pope Pious, at the pope’s request, when they were stationed in Italy during WWII. My FIL was/is a Baptist, an army chaplain, and he took over a failed Catholic church building to turn it into a thriving congregation in the midst of the war. The Poop didn’t like that. My MIL sat in every chair reserved for the pope in every waiting room they were escorted to and my FIL actually laughed when Pope Pious held out his ring to be kissed. That wasn’t going to happen.

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