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Fighting the Urge to Splurge… With My Bike.

February 2016
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Yesterday was pretty crazy with wind.  Sustained southerly winds 20-25 mph with gusts above 35.

My buddy Mike wanted the mountain bikes.  I wanted road but I knew mountain would be better for Mrs. Bgddy so I acquiesced.  Look, riding in wind like that sucks, it is what it is, but riding in the wind on a bike that has me sitting upright really sucks.

Fortunately my cadence was strong and the air was warm – in the upper 40’s (F).  We only rode 16 miles, but at least it was outdoors and without a ridiculous amount of clothing on.  It was spectacularly fun and to beat all, my phone was near silent.  Riding into that wind was quite comical but we managed several slow miles directly into its teeth, the reward being several miles with the wind at our back, easily coasting north of 20 mph with a soft-pedal.

This morning is going to be a different story.  Winds have calmed considerably, what was left of the snow has melted and dried up…

The temptation is to take the Venge out for its first ride of 2016…


The Venge hasn’t seen action for a couple of months now because I won’t take it outside with salt still on the road.  I always wait for that first cleansing rain of the Spring.

As much as I might want to cheat it, I won’t.  I’m going to chill out and take the Trek, as I should.  Still, the Venge is vastly superior and more enjoyable to ride than my Trek…  As good as the Trek is, it’s no match.

In the end, as vastly appreciative as I am for owning the Venge, it will sit in its place in my bedroom for another month, as it always does, until the road surfaces have been cleaned.  While bikes are meant to be ridden, that one doesn’t have to be sacrificed to do so.  I want the Venge to last as long as possible and that means recoiling from the temptation to ride it in conditions that would accelerate its demise.

The day is coming though.  And sooner rather than later.

As of yesterday’s ride, I am exactly 200 miles up on last year’s mileage, already.  My total for ’15 was just over 7,500 miles but January and February have been, historically, notoriously light.  This year has been quite a bit better for outdoor riding though and I’ve taken advantage of as many days as I could.  Also, I’ve been much more consistent on the trainer as well.  In fact, I haven’t taken a day off in 23 days where normally I’d be taking two days a week off.

For January I was 163 miles greater this year and I’m already 37 miles over last February with a week left to go in the month.  I’ll be riding outside today and tomorrow, followed by another week on the trainer…

Then the real fun starts in March.



  1. Have fun this morning. It’s gusty on this side of the Lake too, cloudless, even this morning. I am giving it an hour to warm up a little more, then throwing the newly rebuilt rear wheel on my titanium beast for a short ride. I have a lot more catching up than you do. January put me in a shape.

  2. ekels22 says:

    I got out yesterday for 60 miles yesterday temps hit 60 south of Detroit. Was still pretty windy out but enjoyed riding in shorts in February (probably one of the few times that will ever happen).

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