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Crossing 500 Miles for February…


February 2016

I was sitting at 495 miles for the month of February earlier this morning.  Yesterday that was just under 485.  A day after we got a foot of snow my wife and I defied logic and took our mountain bikes out for a spin.  I crossed 500 miles earlier today, when my buddy Mike and I hit the road for another spin on the mountain bikes.  It was an easy, if windy ride and we were just looking to spin the legs and have a fun time of it.  The season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already several hundred miles up on last year’s mileage.  I’m more than 170 miles over last February and I thought last year’s February was an awesome start…

We’re supposed to be getting quite the warming trend between today and tomorrow as well.  While today was always going to be mountain bikes, I have a funny feeling we’ll be breaking out the road bikes for tomorrow’s adventure which, if things work, should have me looking at somewhere around 550-ish miles for the month.

I really dig looking at stats like that, year over year.  My first year, other than some running miles, was a big, fat goose egg for the month of February.  Heck, I didn’t even hit that for July that year…

Back then, a ten mile ride on my mountain bike was still a big deal. Today, ten miles is enough to make me mad that I don’t have the time to do ten more.

Back then I wouldn’t ride if it was below 50 degrees (F). It was 24 this morning. With a 20 mph wind. And it didn’t suck. It wasn’t easy but it sure beat that stationary torture device known as a trainer.

Back then I was riding a bike to make running more fun. Now, cycling is the fun. At least it’s as much fun as I can have with clothes on.

I went out with my wife yesterday at lunch time, again, on the mountain bikes. Nothing much, just a ride up to the shop and back. We wheeled our bikes in and said hi to everyone and the owner, seeing us in our gear, laughed and said we were nuts.

He’s right too, but today that’s a good thing. I think.


  1. I’ve give you a big head start. But I’m riding 735 miles tomorrow.

  2. Let me quote you — “At least it’s as much fun as I can have with clothes on. I went out with my wife yesterday at lunch time, again,….”

    Heh heh heh… aren’t I creepy?

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