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I Miss My Venge… I Am Specialized, Just not in the Winter.


I miss gratuitous bike p●rn…  I miss snapping photos of my Venge, nonchalantly leaned up against a fence post.


The photo that says, “That’s right, bitches…  I’m fast”.  Only it says that 200 times.  ‘Cuz a thousand words, Sparky…

I miss the sunshine and wanting to listen to Steelheart.   I want a summer that makes Leo Dicaprio’s sphincter pucker.  I want a summer so warm he sells his private jet… and Al Gore too, while we’re at it.  I want a summer so beautifully awesome and sunshiny that Michael Moore decides to go on a diet to save the planet.  Or at least Torch Lake, maybe?


I want to feed some frickin’ trees, baby!  You know, photosynthesis, CO2, feed trees, you know, make the planet greener?


I’m having another Ricky Bobby moment…  I wanna go fast!

I had this bright frickin’ idea a while back that I’d put my Venge in the bedroom so I would see it every morning before I left and every night before I went to sleep.  Damn if it isn’t like seeing a pound of weed and a couple cases of beer in my first weeks of recovery… “Oh, if I could just feel the power one time, the escape…”


Emporer Palatine moment:  INFINITE POWAHHH!!!

I read a post written by a new fella that made me laugh yesteday.  He’s a young kid, trying to lose almost a buck (70 pounds to be exact) this season on his bike.  All of a sudden with him it’s, “I need this, and I need that, and the other”…  Dammit, dude, I know that pain!  Or is it sheer, unadulterated bike p●rn/hobby pleasure?  You say tomato.

This next two weeks is the toughest of the season and we’ve got six inches of snow coming, um… starting at about crap, a few hours ago…  Riding as much as I did this winter was great, but I’m ready to shed a few layers.

I want the laughs and the gutting out that last five miles.  I want the good food and the endless bottle of Gatorade.  I want the Hydrus and Perpetuem and Gu’s and bananas and pickles!

I wanna ride, baby.  So I can start taking more photos like this (though possibly better with the bike facing the right way – sorry, purists.  I know):





  1. Ian says:

    I understand fully.. I wanna ride, 6 weeks enforced nothing and I’m chewing my knuckles at it. Soon…

  2. i love this post… AND that third picture from the top. that, my friend, is some sweet sweet sweet bikeporn. that line and that seat post…

  3. Manu Stanley says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jim. I’ve started working out little by little, and has started my weekend rides as well. On week days it is the work-home commute, and on weekends I’m looking to start off again on reasonable distances. Welcome Summer! 🙂

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