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Explaining Donald Trump to the Knuckle Dragging Left.

This is a trigger (heh) warning. This post is political in nature, from a conservative point of view. It does not follow the liberal narrative because that narrative is stupid. This post is not about my normal recovery and cycling stuff. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

I heard a commentary last night that made me laugh.  Our local sports radio station, The Ticket, had their evening jockey flummoxed over how stupid Republicans are to be handing The Donald the nomination. Trump, that is.

Now, the fellas who jockey the ticket, and I mean all of them, aren’t stupid but they’re all ridiculously liberal, so you may as well say they are snow blind stupid.  You see, they all get their news from one source so if that source is off, and liberal news sources always have an agenda, so they often are way off, you get Mike Valenti.

Now, before I delve into Mike’s commentary on the Trumpenator allow me to explain how I know all of those yahoo’s are as liberal as they are.  Last year we had a bill being contemplated that had to do with raising taxes to pay for road improvements.  It was advertised in the news as only being a penny increase in the sales tax by the liberal media…  Of course that was not true.  It also restructured vehicle registration among other confiscatory changes and only a portion of the revenue generated actually went to fixing roads.  The bill was so bad, even old reliable himself, Carl Levin (D-MI) came out with a commercial that said paraphrasing; Look, we all know this bill is bad but it’s the best we can do. 

The bill wasn’t bad, it sucked.  Despite the press fawning over it as the best possible bill, it was defeated 80/20.  That 20% was the most liberal Michiganders and Carl Levin… and everyone in the Ticket’s studio. Folks, what are the chances 80% of the population votes against that turd but everyone on the air is for it?

Anyway, Valenti belived anyone who would vote for Trump on the right is stupid, mostly because he’s stupid. His on-air partner, Terry Foster got it right though. Foster stumbled on the reality.

Now, I’m no fan of Trump but I’d hold my nose and vote for him because if there’s anyone in this country I trust less than Barack Obama, it’s Hillary Clinton. And Bernie? You truly have to be an idiot to believe his policies would be anything but disastrous for the country. This is why he wins the youth vote. They’re too ignorant to know how bad Socialists and socialism really are from an American perspective.

That said, we on the right, put simply, are absolutely tired of the lily-livered Republican Establishment who bend over and take it in the ass like a bunch of idiots. We’re sick of them getting out flanked and we’re tired of them being out maneuvered.

This is why Jeb, Christie and Kasich have done so poorly in this cycle. By all measures, all three are perfect establishment candidates.

Trump is where he is for one reason: We’re tired of the abuse, the bullying and the lying of a left who has to rely on dishonesty to mask their horrific desire to be more like Europe and less like us. We want someone to kick ass, who won’t lie down like a little lap dog… We want our dog to bite back for once because we all know damned good and well, when this is all said and done, Republicans are for Freedom and Democrats are for more government control. Except when it comes to bicycling laws, but you can’t have everything, eh?

What’s most important about Trump is who happens to be voting for him.

If you listen to the liberal press, it’s the far right. It’s not… Trump is killing all of the other contenders with the center-right.

Take the latest attack on Trump, this whole “he didn’t disavow David Duke and the KKK” flap. You have to be an idiot or a member of the liberal press to believe that he didn’t but here comes Marco Rubio trying to use it on the stump. This is the bullshit we’re tired of. Rubio knows better but his Super Tuesday performance was only mediocre so he’d perpetuate a liberal lie to get over on Trump.

Here’s what’s going to happen. Trump will surge and Rubio is going to fade away. In fact, Rubio just sealed his own fate by hitching his wagon to a bullshit liberal talking point. He’s been trying to distance himself from the Gang of Eight and he just proved he’s even farther left than that. Rubio just proved he can’t be trusted and he’s going to suffer for it (of course, Trump got away with the Canada smear on Cruz just because he’s not afraid to stand up to the lying and bullying that comes from the left). Watch.

Trump is going to come out and say that the reporters who complain that he didn’t disavow white supremacists vociferously enough are ignorant, repugnant boobs because he doesn’t have to disavow them. He never avowed them in the first place. And Trump’s popularity will soar, further leading to nail biting and consternation on the left.

And where does that leave Rubio?

This is why Jeb never hit double digits, this is why the once vaunted Christie flopped with his “the people want us to get stuff done” and why Ben Carson, as good a man as he is, languished. It’s why Kasich will flop after Ohio.

And it’s why Ted Cruz is still strong.

We are frickin’ fed up with the establishment’s lead from behind, go along with the Washington DC Press bubble attitude and they will know our frustration. It comes in the form of a red-faced billionaire with the most amazing comb-over humankind has ever witnessed.

We the People are pissed. And the Republican party best pull up their pull-ups and get in line. We don’t want those bozos to get stuff done. We want to get stuff undone. AND WE WANT THAT FUCKING CHECKBOOK BALANCED. NOW.

And we’re going to keep shaking shit up till they listen.

There’s Ample Room in Cycling for Every Kind of Cyclist…

There’s ample room in cycling for every kind of cyclist, but please don’t try to convince me that your way is the best, brightest or greenest.  It would be like the nail telling the hammer it’s about to get pounded into the wood.  More than a little silly.

I am, without a doubt, an enthusiast of sharp road race bikes.  I am the happy owner of a wonderful, if small, stable of excellent bikes ranging from road to mountain.

I’m not too flashy, but I’m close enough for government work. I like ’em cool and my bikes are that, especially the two newest additions to the stable.

I don’t, however, see the beauty in the randos, commuters, leisure bikes or those God-awful bike share thingamabobs. This isn’t to say they aren’t worthwhile for someone else, I simply reserve my right to be prejudiced and simply don’t care if someone else doesn’t take to it. On the other hand, while I fail to see the beauty in those bikes, I don’t have a problem with someone who does.

To each his or her own.  I am not lost on the coolness of packing up enough stuff to camp on a bike and going for a week-long (or more) trip with or the idea that ten miles in an hour is still much faster than walking or jogging from point A to point B.

Now, having ridden a Trek leisure bike last year (my in-laws own a matching set [points for that] and on vacation last February they let my wife and I ride them every day), I can tell you they’re comfortable. It was like riding on a Lay-Z-Boy recliner, as long as you don’t try to go too fast.  Speed is not what they’re about.  It was nice, just not sexy, in my eyes.

While I might think they look goofy, my in-laws love them and that’s what it’s really all about.

Road cycling, like any other sport that an average person can participate in (running being another), has its snobs and some of those snobs are more repugnant than others. They have funny rules that encompass everything down to the length and material of one’s socks (crew length and ankle lengths are not acceptable, etc.), whether or not you can have a saddle bag on a road bike and even the minimum frequency of leg shaving (every fourth day). Most cyclists don’t give a damn about many of the rules, they’re silly for the most part, though they aren’t all that bad either.  There is no doubt though, when they’re followed a cyclist almost can’t help but look good.  Then there are other rules that enervate and are simply there to make life for others difficult.  I avoid these types of people like the plague.  My friends and I only have two rules when we ride:  “Do what you can to contribute” and “Don’t crash me, bro”.

Randonneurs have their rules too (if they are a lot more flexible) with their flags and hi-viz everything, their panniers, three-pound 45 position handlebars and trailers… Commuters (even more flexible) have their rules as well (though they mainly have to do with road etiquette and riding in places that have no room for a nervous person).  Now this might surprise some but even leisure cyclists have rules…  Well, one anyway:  “Stick your rules up your @$$!  I’m riding in my khaki shorts, open-toed sandals, wearing my aviator sunglasses and I don’t care if you don’t like it.”  Folks, anarchy is still a rule.

Anyway, do what you like.  Ride, wear, sport what makes you happy.  It’s all good.  Kind of.  There’s room for everyone.

Just do us all a favor:  You stick to what you like and leave others to their joy.  Besides, when you start talking about “green this” and “sustainability” that, when one starts believing their own press, or that their way to enjoy cycling is best and should be conformed to by everyone else, it says a lot about the person…  Mainly that you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.  Of course, on the plus side, that’s all I need to know to drop you at the first hill.