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Explaining Donald Trump to the Knuckle Dragging Left.


This is a trigger (heh) warning. This post is political in nature, from a conservative point of view. It does not follow the liberal narrative because that narrative is stupid. This post is not about my normal recovery and cycling stuff. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

I heard a commentary last night that made me laugh.  Our local sports radio station, The Ticket, had their evening jockey flummoxed over how stupid Republicans are to be handing The Donald the nomination. Trump, that is.

Now, the fellas who jockey the ticket, and I mean all of them, aren’t stupid but they’re all ridiculously liberal, so you may as well say they are snow blind stupid.  You see, they all get their news from one source so if that source is off, and liberal news sources always have an agenda, so they often are way off, you get Mike Valenti.

Now, before I delve into Mike’s commentary on the Trumpenator allow me to explain how I know all of those yahoo’s are as liberal as they are.  Last year we had a bill being contemplated that had to do with raising taxes to pay for road improvements.  It was advertised in the news as only being a penny increase in the sales tax by the liberal media…  Of course that was not true.  It also restructured vehicle registration among other confiscatory changes and only a portion of the revenue generated actually went to fixing roads.  The bill was so bad, even old reliable himself, Carl Levin (D-MI) came out with a commercial that said paraphrasing; Look, we all know this bill is bad but it’s the best we can do. 

The bill wasn’t bad, it sucked.  Despite the press fawning over it as the best possible bill, it was defeated 80/20.  That 20% was the most liberal Michiganders and Carl Levin… and everyone in the Ticket’s studio. Folks, what are the chances 80% of the population votes against that turd but everyone on the air is for it?

Anyway, Valenti belived anyone who would vote for Trump on the right is stupid, mostly because he’s stupid. His on-air partner, Terry Foster got it right though. Foster stumbled on the reality.

Now, I’m no fan of Trump but I’d hold my nose and vote for him because if there’s anyone in this country I trust less than Barack Obama, it’s Hillary Clinton. And Bernie? You truly have to be an idiot to believe his policies would be anything but disastrous for the country. This is why he wins the youth vote. They’re too ignorant to know how bad Socialists and socialism really are from an American perspective.

That said, we on the right, put simply, are absolutely tired of the lily-livered Republican Establishment who bend over and take it in the ass like a bunch of idiots. We’re sick of them getting out flanked and we’re tired of them being out maneuvered.

This is why Jeb, Christie and Kasich have done so poorly in this cycle. By all measures, all three are perfect establishment candidates.

Trump is where he is for one reason: We’re tired of the abuse, the bullying and the lying of a left who has to rely on dishonesty to mask their horrific desire to be more like Europe and less like us. We want someone to kick ass, who won’t lie down like a little lap dog… We want our dog to bite back for once because we all know damned good and well, when this is all said and done, Republicans are for Freedom and Democrats are for more government control. Except when it comes to bicycling laws, but you can’t have everything, eh?

What’s most important about Trump is who happens to be voting for him.

If you listen to the liberal press, it’s the far right. It’s not… Trump is killing all of the other contenders with the center-right.

Take the latest attack on Trump, this whole “he didn’t disavow David Duke and the KKK” flap. You have to be an idiot or a member of the liberal press to believe that he didn’t but here comes Marco Rubio trying to use it on the stump. This is the bullshit we’re tired of. Rubio knows better but his Super Tuesday performance was only mediocre so he’d perpetuate a liberal lie to get over on Trump.

Here’s what’s going to happen. Trump will surge and Rubio is going to fade away. In fact, Rubio just sealed his own fate by hitching his wagon to a bullshit liberal talking point. He’s been trying to distance himself from the Gang of Eight and he just proved he’s even farther left than that. Rubio just proved he can’t be trusted and he’s going to suffer for it (of course, Trump got away with the Canada smear on Cruz just because he’s not afraid to stand up to the lying and bullying that comes from the left). Watch.

Trump is going to come out and say that the reporters who complain that he didn’t disavow white supremacists vociferously enough are ignorant, repugnant boobs because he doesn’t have to disavow them. He never avowed them in the first place. And Trump’s popularity will soar, further leading to nail biting and consternation on the left.

And where does that leave Rubio?

This is why Jeb never hit double digits, this is why the once vaunted Christie flopped with his “the people want us to get stuff done” and why Ben Carson, as good a man as he is, languished. It’s why Kasich will flop after Ohio.

And it’s why Ted Cruz is still strong.

We are frickin’ fed up with the establishment’s lead from behind, go along with the Washington DC Press bubble attitude and they will know our frustration. It comes in the form of a red-faced billionaire with the most amazing comb-over humankind has ever witnessed.

We the People are pissed. And the Republican party best pull up their pull-ups and get in line. We don’t want those bozos to get stuff done. We want to get stuff undone. AND WE WANT THAT FUCKING CHECKBOOK BALANCED. NOW.

And we’re going to keep shaking shit up till they listen.



  1. Yes, misogynistic bigots with fascist leanings will fix all that.

  2. Dan says:

    Wow, Jim, tell us what you really feel. I really liked Carson, but he didn’t stand a chance against the “establishment.” The media wouldn’t give him air time because they couldn’t find enough dirt on him. I can’t stand Trump, but I too would have to just plug my nose and vote for him against the Hilary. It’s a sad commentary on our country that this is our choice…..

  3. wait… a minute… are we reading about the same trump? donald trump. “the donald.” the one i reviewed and the one i read about now are two different people. the reviewed trump, the historical guy… he’s a liberal. he might as well be hillary’s political twin. this loud, flashy guy in the news now… he’s just an actor. if he thought it would rile voters or garner support, he’d publicly eat a squirmy, freshly popped human baby, slathered with frank’s hot sauce, drizzled in a pool of beef pho. i do laugh a lot lately, though….

  4. Ha ha. You say: “Trump is where he is for one reason: We’re tired of the abuse, the bullying and the lying of a left who has to rely on dishonesty to mask their horrific desire to be more like Europe and less like us.” So you’d rather take abuse, bullying and lying from a rich turd because it’s dispensed by an authoritarian with a conscience and no class? That’s called sheepishness. The conservative media is the actually the gang freaked out most by Trump. Liberals saw this Nazi coming. We predicted it. It’s the natural extension of everything the Republican Party has evolved into, a fascist pack of pigs, which you plainly admit is a pack of sycophantic, desperate demagogues with no idea how to govern. So now what you’d rather have, and claim to be intellectual for it, is a man with absolutely no sense of propriety, who discards tradition (a conservative value) and fiscal stewardship (his business bankruptcies prove that) in favor of a few words like “huge” and “really good.” You worship a pathetic narcissist and genuine bully. By contrast, where you brand bullying by the Left is actually respecting the Constitution’s clear call for protection of individual rights for women, for workers, for minorities, for gays and for immigrants. That’s real American tradition. Seriously, if conservatives had their way, American would be a split nation, with the South as its own country. That’s where we were headed before the conservative cabal of the Confederacy was defeated. But it’s never really gone away, has it? The selfish desire of state’s rights and absolute greed over individual motives is still alive and well. And in the neo-Confederacy (a term I conceived for my book on all this) people advocate a system where men like Trump can send thugs to beat up members of the press, threaten to sue everyone in sight. Yet the man can’t even handle basic questions from a female reporter. So he attacks her with sexual threats like he attacks all women. Proving…He’s a pitiful coward. And you call him a hero. He will fail. He’ll soon be tried for his Trump University scam and his candidacy will go down as a mole on the ass of democracy. And you’ll look like a fool for having supported him. But have fun with that.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Chris, you are the Nazis, the government controls everything stooges. Hitler was a socialist, baby. Yours was the party of slavery, yours was the party of Jim Crow. MLK was a Republican. Calling me names and badgering, rather ignorant of history, I might add, isn’t going to change who you are. And you didn’t read my post either, because your comment is incoherent against what I wrote.

      Oh, and hey, bud… Trump’s your guy. He’s a liberal, just like you. And that flap with Megyn Kelly, you need to lay off the caffeine and Media Muddles at the same time. He didn’t “attack” her at all.

      Again, take it down a notch, there bud… Did you read the part about me not liking Trump? I’d just as soon watch Cruz or Rubio trounce Hillary, that liar. But it looks like my guys are going to nominate someone I have to hold my nose to vote for yet again.

      Oh, and TU PAILS in comparison to the FBI investigation Hillary is facing. Just wait till she gets the nomination… and pass me the popcorn.

  5. Your disgusting troll thinks its fine to promote abuse people physically and verbally.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Your side does that all day, every day, with lies, misimformation… Hell, you liberals are the socialist, war mongering pigs and you act like your the white Knights, here to save America from the evil bad guys… Christopher, you don’t even know which side you’re on!

      And Trump isn’t my troll, he’s yours.

  6. Sheree says:

    It’s difficult to get a handle on things from across the pond but I met a lot of Americans when I was in Chicago who explained quite rationally why they were voting for Trump. Now I have a much clearer picture and you’ve just added to it.

  7. Fascinating read. Over here in the UK, Trump is portrayed as a buffoon, a clown, a bigot, someone who no-one in their right mind would vote for. And our press is predominately centre-right wing. He wouldn’t even be worthy of a protest vote as you might just get what you vote for.

    • bgddyjim says:

      We wouldn’t call your press right wing. Over here it’s left, but this is to be expected considering the differences in the forming of our country. While the friendship between our countries is (and should always be in tact, protected and valued) important, I think it’s important to acknowledge what got us to where we are in the world. The United States went from Upstart to number one in the world in a matter of two hundred years and the only thing responsible for that meteoric rise has been personal freedom. Rushing to be like Europe is exactly the wrong thing to do. While many of your benefits are enticing, we have a better chance at a better life without government involvement. While Donald Trump is typically thought of as a buffoon, even here in the states, we’re pretty fired up that our politicians can’t get it together. Our current President has been an absolute disaster. While I, as I stated in my post, am not a Trump fan, I certainly understand his popularity. Historically speaking we only have to go back 35 years to see the last time we went through this. Jimmy Carter was president and was routinely referred to as the worst President in American history until just recently. Then came Ronaldus Magnus and being American became cool again… Put it this way, Reagan had a nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier bear his name. Carter got a submarine. Anyway, a certain portion of the electorate is either looking for someone that even Hillary can beat, or the next Reagan. Jury is out on which is which. The point of my post still stands. The American right is pissed and we are letting our politicians know they’d be better off listening to us than sitting inside the DC Bubble.

  8. triglamazon says:

    I’m still holding out hope that I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for Trump. It isn’t looking good, though. I read an article about the primary in Alaska, and I find it interesting that as many as 1/4 of the people showing up to vote in some places changed their registration to Republican at the door. Although almost anyone is better than another Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I feel as though true conservatives are once again being set up to have to choose the lesser of evils. What ever happened to playing by the rules, and letting the people have the final say? Unfortunately in this situation, the people who end up having the final say are the low information voters who are looking for someone to rescue them. I don’t want to be rescued. I want to live my life with the freedoms that we were intended to have when this country was founded. Honestly, I would be happy if the government stayed out of my business with the exception of building and maintaining interstates and developing a strong national defense through the military. Maybe if they just concentrated on a few things they could do a better job.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, and it gets better. In national polls both Cruz and Rubio clobber Clinton. Trump loses to her. I share your fear – and your conclusion is spot on.

      • triglamazon says:

        I am a big fan of Ted Cruz. He’s proven himself to be willing to go alone if necessary to back up his words, and he certainly knows the Constitution. He genuinely seems to love this country, and wants what is best for it.

  9. The way I see it: Your country is too big to be governed by one party. Too diverse to be represented by one party’s policies. Left/Right/Centre are too broad a category to accurately depict what’s going on. Yet voters are still kind of pushed into those exact pigeonholes. And your election effectively being a 2 horse race is ridiculous. (Ours is no better, but more proportional with regards to the size of our population)
    The History Books will tell, but your current president will probably be regarded very highly. As indeed he is over here.

    The UK has its own London bubble which kind of forgets about the rest of the country, and some of our politicians, like Mr Trump, have gained following by addressing the issues of people outside that bubble. The centre-right have been moving further right, and the left have split. I too, can understand the success of someone like Trump (Farage in our country), people think he’s actually talking to them.

    Not sure what you mean by this though: “While many of your benefits are enticing, we have a better chance at a better life without government involvement”

    That might be a case of your own perception, USA being the land of opportunity and all that. I don’t feel like I’ve been particularly restricted over here.

    • bgddyjim says:

      See, what you describe is supposed to be the magic of the American system. The federal government is supposed to be very limited in their governance but the left has been siphoning power and trying to grow the government for so long, what should be a beautiful system has gotten messy. Originally, anything not enumerated in the Constitution was supposed to be left to the States which have their Governors and their own politicians to run the States according to the voters. Typically speaking, the President shouldn’t have such a big agenda because almost everything should naturally go to the States. The feds don’t like that and want control of everything because they think they know better. It’s a mess.

      In this country, what I meant, we have 50 States to choose from, all a little bit different in their governance. We can pick and choose which State to live in based on their politics. Our left is trying to level that out because their way sucks in comparison… As socialists do, rather than spread the prosperity, they are seeking to spread the misery.

      If you have a choice between an intrusive governance that taxes the shit out of you to provide minimal healthcare and a pittance of a retirement OR a minimalist government that lets you keep and invest your money so you can grow rich and enjoy the fruits of your labor, the latter will win every time. This is the battle going on in our country – and why people are so fired up.

  10. bribikes says:

    This election is depressing, I guess I am having a hard time believing that the two most obviously disreputable, dishonest candidates are actually in the lead. If it does comes down to Trump vs. Clinton there is no way I will be voting for either of them. Of course, this is partially due to where I live-NY is a very solid blue state and all our electoral votes will go to Hillary (thanks to New York City). I figure that since my vote doesn’t count anyway, it is better to vote third party/write in and support someone who is decent than to choose between two people that I know will be horrible presidents.

    I understand the plight of the swing state voters though, as my grandparents are quick to remind me of the Bush/Perot/Clinton thing.

  11. adarling575 says:

    From an ignorant non-US liberal, putting aside anything re racism etc, what I would really like to know is – what are Trump’s policies? Aside from building a wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it. I have listened to a couple of interviews with him and I can’t get a grip on anything solid that he says other than soundbites. i.e. I’ve heard that he wants to cut tax drastically but haven’t heard where that money will come from? And the deporting 11 million people figure that is thrown around – are a lot of those people not in jobs and doing useful things for the economy? (I could well be wrong). And back to the wall thing – do Trump supporters really think that there is a way to build a wall and force another country to pay for it? I’m not asking from a confrontational standpoint and appreciate from your post that if you had a better choice you’d rather not vote for Trump – I’m just interested! I was also wondering – the 90s, when Bill Clinton was in charge (and I was a kid with no political knowledge) were they really bad for the majority of Americans and is that why a lot of people hate Hilary Clinton? Or is it more down to the emails thing that has happened recently? Sorry for all the questions!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Okay, starting with Hillary and going up…. Bill turned out to be flexible. When he lost Congress for trying to go with Universal health care he lost the House and Senate. Bill dropped health care and Congress balanced the budget and kept a fairly hands off approach except for housing which led to the famous market crash. Bush was blamed but it was Clinton’s fault. Hillary is not flexible, she’s way more dishonest than Bill (and that’s saying something) and she’s way further left. Trump has already laid out how he’d get Mexico to pay for it. It will work, it’ll just take some cajones, which Trump definitely has. Illegal immigrants keep wages artificially low, plain and simple. If there are people to do work cheap, it will be done cheaply. Will it be tough? Yes. Trick is, the American people want this. Big business wants the cheap labor and Democrats want the votes (Mexican immigrants vote Democrat almost as faithfully as African Americans). You heard wrong on tax cuts. Trump has said he’ll raise taxes on the wealthy and “it will cost me a fortune”.

      As for policies? They didn’t know Obama’s policies either, but the left was quite comfortable with not knowing anything about him because he was a man of the left. Same with Hillary, and any other politician for that matter. They’re all lying anyway… Taking a politician at their word is not exactly brilliant, right?

      Republicans have to play the game but with stricter rules over hear, that’s all.

      I hope that helps.

      • adarling575 says:

        Hope you don’t mind but I have more questions… feel free to tell me you’ve run out of time to answer them if you want! It’s just really useful to get a grip on it that’s not just media-speak. Could you point me to an article that explains how Trump says he’ll get Mexico to pay for it? Is it just what the Trump website says re remittances and increased fees on visas etc? In which case I suppose Mexico will end up paying for the wall even if not directly.

        Re tax cuts – Trumps own website says he will cut taxes! Although maybe that is just general soundbites and actually the details of the policy means they are being raised – you never can tell with politicians. I also just found this – – which clearly I haven’t read all of because I probably should be doing some work 🙂 but the abstract says that he’s cutting tax at all income levels and for businesses and that it will incentivise working, saving and investing, but would need to be covered by some big spending cuts.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Well, we would love tax cuts, they promote prosperity but on his first day announcing his candidacy I heard him say that he was raising taxes on the wealthy, especially hedge fund managers. Other than that, I really don’t know, just what I saw. Again, I don’t like Trump. That, and I’m not following the race very closely. Whoever I vote for will have an R immediately after their name.

        As for the wall, what do you think social services for 11,000,000 illegal immigrants costs? You send that bill to Mexico and use it as leverage. It’s gonna get bumpy. The fact that politicians aren’t smart enough or tough enough to figure this out says a lot.

        The tough part is actually who and what to believe because both the Democrats and Republicans despise Trump (see Romney). The TPC is non-partisan but you never know if they’re covering for the Establishment or not… This is why I don’t bother following much of the race. It’s fun to watch from afar though.

      • adarling575 says:

        Final question (sorry!) Do you think if Trump wins the nomination that he has a chance against the Democrats? Or do you think (like the papers scream) that it will lead to a disintegration of the Republic party and it’s a shame they didn’t take him seriously to combat him sooner? Interesting discussion – thank you!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Now that is a very interesting question. The center/center right are who is giving Trump the numbers, so he would pull off of Hillary whom everyone knows is a committed leftist. On the other hand, Trump can come off like a dope so he’d better up his game if he’s going to win.

        The real bummer is that both Cruz and Rubio (and Kasich for that matter) smoke Hillary in the polls. So we’ve got three candidates who can handle her but the popular guy is iffy.

        Where this gets interesting is Democrats switch over and vote in our primary to help an easier candidate for them to beat. Bernie was never going to win their nomination because the Super Delegates mean their party has control over who gets nominated… Jeb Bush, whom even Hillary could beat, would have been wildly popular until the day he secured the nomination, then Hillary would have beaten his pants off. Donald is easier to beat than Bush so he gets the spillover and a boost in the primaries.

        Now, the Republican party will not disintegrate. This is really not that big a deal. Every once in a while we have to let the party know who’s really in charge and it gets a little messy. The left doesn’t have to deal with this because they expect their leaders to rule over them. We expect our trusted servants to protect our freedom so their job, selling freedom over free stuff, is a little tougher.

      • adarling575 says:

        Ahhh you just had to get a little jab in there at the end 🙂 Thanks for all the explanations – I look forward to seeing what happens!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Didn’t mean it as a jab, that’s just the way it is over here.

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