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Daily Archives: March 3, 2016

Goodnight Daddy…

It’s so easy to be angry lately.  Taxes are due.  I just sent out a pile of money to Uncle Sam and the State of Michigan (everyone should have to cut a check for their own taxes quarterly, there’s a reason politicians want it deducted out of most American’s check, so the normal voter doesn’t have to feel that pain)… I’ve got a lot of work and, put simply, I’ve been stressed the hell out.  I haven’t gotten my daily road bike fresh air fix in a week and we’re carting the kids back and forth to practice every evening.  With my eldest on the middle school team my wife and I can’t sit in the stands together anymore because one of us has to take the youngest to her practice three towns south…  Ah well, better to be busy in the winter, eh?

So there I am, watching the tube and I hear, “Goodnight daddy” from my eldest daughter, who hasn’t fallen into the “parents suck” pit yet.  From what I’ve been told, it’s coming but I’m enjoying every minute until it does.  Then the youngest comes over a gives me a quick peck… “Goodnight, daddy”.

Makes it all worth it.   I love those two words.  I was out like a light within two minutes.