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When A Good Life is a lot Like a New Bottle Cage…

Recognizing one has a good life is not easy.  There are distractions, difficult situations, marriage, kids, practice, events and grades, impossible people, bureaucracy, rules, regulations, taxes and health.  It’s so easy to get bogged down in everyday life, sometimes it’s tough to see out of the hole, let alone grasp the edge to pull yourself up and out…

My road bikes have been through almost a dozen iterations between them. Each new change making them better, sharper, cooler… My 5200 doesn’t look anything like it did the day I brought it home.


It’s worth every penny



…all of a sudden, change a seat post collar:


My Venge does look close, but it’s gone from being a decent bike to a beautiful color coordinated, two-pound lighter thing of beauty…




Then all of a sudden, I add one last bottle cage…


…And my work here is done. Without a set of carbon 40’s I can’t afford and don’t need, the Venge can’t get any more badass.

I’ve been working on those bikes non-stop for four solid years and I’m done. My two main steeds just can’t get any better.

My good life is no different. When I sobered up I had a trainload of baggage I was pulling behind me. At first the task was daunting. I was fearful almost to the point of freezing, often. I kept plugging away though, one day at a time, just doing the next right thing at any given moment. One next right thing after another. Until all I had left was a bottle cage.

It’s that last bottle cage…

The beauty of life, and bikes, is that there’s sure to be something new to fix or change sooner or later. That’s for another post though.