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Venge Day 2016: Calling an Audible


I have a Venge Day every year, it’s the first day of the year I’ll take the Venge outside for a ride.  Now typically, this day happens after the first cleansing rain of the year so all of the salt is cleaned off of the road and the weather is 50 degrees F (10 C) and climbing and sunny (zero percent chance of rain).  It’s not rocket science, the first warm-ish day on clean roads is the first day of the year I’ll take the Venge on the road.  Considering that my gnarly weather bike is four pounds heavier, on vastly inferior wheels, and ridiculously less aerodynamic, Venge Day is always one of the most wonderful days of the new year.

Looking at the weather for today, which will be an outdoors day, I see something beautiful in the near future…  67 and sunny.

Tuesday is going to be my Venge Day.  I’m playing hooky and I simply don’t care.  Of course, I won’t entirely play hooky but I’ll be leaving for the office very early so I can leave the office before lunch and get a good 2 or 3 hours of saddle time in a short sleeved jersey and shorts.  But wait!  Maybe that isn’t the case at all.  It turns out my buddy, Phill is going to play hooky as well so maybe we’ll ride early in the morning (around 9 am if I had to guess)…  Whatever the group ends up doing, I’ll have no problem taking three or four hours off for Venge Day.  This year, Venge Day is going to require an audible.

Whatever the case, it’s time for celebration:  Spring is upon us and it’s time to ride, baby!  Time for a little less of this:


And a little more of this:



How Donald Trump Shows Democrats Up for the Dictators They Are

Trigger (heh) warning: This post is political in nature, from a conservative point of view. It does not follow the liberal narrative because I believe that narrative is stupid. This post is not about my normal recovery and cycling stuff. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

We all know there’s no way Donald Trump should be where he is in the primaries.  He’s brash, he’s anything but polished…  Somehow he’s what Republican voters want this goaround.

As I have made abundantly clear previously, I am no fan of the Donald but he’s better than the socialist or the liar. By a long shot, and that’s saying something.

I do, however, understand the sentiment behind his popularity.  The average Republican, just the average Republican is a doer, not a sheep.  While leftist Democrat politicians can get away with promising the moon and delivering the same old tired, failed bloated bureaucracies that worsen the lives of their constituents, Republican politicians are actually expected to get results and the results we’ve seen so far aren’t all that impressive.  There’s no doubt they have a tougher road.  In fact, Republicans have it double tough compared to your typical left-wing politician; selling freedom is much more difficult than selling free stuff.

Where this election cycle gets really fun is with Bernie Sanders. Bernie isn’t all that far left of Hillary Clinton but there is one big difference: Bernie Sanders actually believes that crap.

Let’s face it, the establishment let him run because he was unelectable and everyone knew it.  I mean, come on, he identifies himself as a socialist…  In AmericaBut, he caught fire with the “Gimme free college or gimme death” crowd.  All of a sudden you had urchins with “Feel the Bern” signs (and they actually meant that as a good thing), decent crowds and Bernie virtually tying Hillary in Iowa.  Bernie then got trounced in South Carolina but won handily up north…  Then we get to Super Tuesday, Hillary has a good day but Bernie does fairly, considering.  However, as close as they should be in delegates, Hillary is leading by more than 600 delegates. 1,066 to a mere 432 last I saw.  Contrast that with the right.  The delegate count is, at least so far, evenly spread  amongst the four contenders remaining:  Trump has 329, Cruz has 231, Rubio has 110 and Kasich has 25.

Republican Delegate Count

The difference, of course, is Superdelegates.  The will of Democrat voters matters little because the party controls who gets to win.  Another way to look at it, the Party dictates, with magical delegates, who gets to go up against the Republican in the big dance. In terms of actual votes, the two are neck and neck:

Democrat Delegate Split

Democrats use Superdelegates to counter the will of its voters.  This, of course, shouldn’t be a surprise to those voters.  As the left makes painfully clear, their politicians know better than the voters and therefore they can’t have you messing up their idea of the way things should be.  In the Republican party the will of the people reigns, not the will of the party and this is exactly as it should be, and why Trump is such a pain in everybody’s ass.

This isn’t to say the Establishment Republicans don’t have a say, they do as will be apparent come convention day. Word has it Cruz is up over Trump in Kansas. Where this gets really fun is the Establishment doesn’t like Cruz either. I can’t wait for the convention.

Somebody pass the popcorn.