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Venge Day 2016: Calling an Audible



I have a Venge Day every year, it’s the first day of the year I’ll take the Venge outside for a ride.  Now typically, this day happens after the first cleansing rain of the year so all of the salt is cleaned off of the road and the weather is 50 degrees F (10 C) and climbing and sunny (zero percent chance of rain).  It’s not rocket science, the first warm-ish day on clean roads is the first day of the year I’ll take the Venge on the road.  Considering that my gnarly weather bike is four pounds heavier, on vastly inferior wheels, and ridiculously less aerodynamic, Venge Day is always one of the most wonderful days of the new year.

Looking at the weather for today, which will be an outdoors day, I see something beautiful in the near future…  67 and sunny.

Tuesday is going to be my Venge Day.  I’m playing hooky and I simply don’t care.  Of course, I won’t entirely play hooky but I’ll be leaving for the office very early so I can leave the office before lunch and get a good 2 or 3 hours of saddle time in a short sleeved jersey and shorts.  But wait!  Maybe that isn’t the case at all.  It turns out my buddy, Phill is going to play hooky as well so maybe we’ll ride early in the morning (around 9 am if I had to guess)…  Whatever the group ends up doing, I’ll have no problem taking three or four hours off for Venge Day.  This year, Venge Day is going to require an audible.

Whatever the case, it’s time for celebration:  Spring is upon us and it’s time to ride, baby!  Time for a little less of this:


And a little more of this:





  1. Niiiice! Gotta love that first ride on the speed machine each year. Enjoy yourself and wherever the road may take you! Over the pond here they are going on about it being a “white Easter” so my Venge Day equivalent (riding the carbon TT bike) may be a little way off yet.

  2. 🙂 i love your venge day energy! also wonderful: playing hooky specifically for venge day, hearing of potential buddy hooky, and summer kits!

    also wonderfully particular to cyclists are #foreverbuttphotos 😛 important classic ride shots

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