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…Now It Counts – and that’s a Good Thing.


I almost feel like I’m cheating on my Venge when I ride the Trek nowadays.  The Trek is  quite a bit more enjoyable to ride now that it doesn’t look like a POS, the wheels are working properly and it’s got the new King headset.  It’s still heavy and slow but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel great now.  Gone are the hitches in the steering and that wobbly, loose feeling that comes with a headset that’s seen a few thousand too many miles in rain storms.

I went out for a fantastic ride with my wife and friends yesterday, in some mildy tough wind conditions.  We managed an 18 mph average over about 30 miles before slowing it up considerably…  Mike and I had dropped Phill and my wife back a few miles earlier, just a few miles from home, to get a few extra miles and ride back with Matt to the shop before heading home.  Our average bled from 18 down to 17 by the time we got to my driveway but I didn’t care.  I’d worked plenty hard earlier and it was nice to just sit up and BS the last five miles home – I never ride like that.  I call that my Ricky Bobby syndrome.

Anyway, it was a great ride, considering the cold and being all bundled up.  An 18 mph average, this early on, wearing that much crap, is pretty cool – especially so because I didn’t struggle at any point during the ride.

The whole rest of my day was spectacular. That familiar feeling of post-ride bliss was with me for hours after the ride. Now, all of that work over the winter, all of those miles ridden on ridiculously cold days matter. Now they count.  The outdoors cycling season will start this afternoon.  In fact, the weather’s going to be so nice I’m actually going to take a sick day tomorrow to ride with a couple of friends and my wife.  I don’t know how far we’ll ride yet, but it’s not going to be short.  I’m looking at a minimum of three hours as it’s supposed to rain tonight and clean the roads…  Then we’re supposed to wake up tomorrow to 45 degree temps followed by a sharp rise into the mid 60’s.

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I hate the trainer, but I put up with it so that my transition into spring cycling is more enjoyable and much less painful…  Now it’s time to let the good times roll.  I’m not in perfect shape.  I let my diet slide a little bit in the last week and ended up gaining a couple of pounds (Because. Chocolate Cake.) and I could have worked harder on the trainer, but none of that matters now because what I lacked in enthusiasm on the trainer will be made up for in short order on the road.