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A Few Thousand Words on Why The Sugoi Zap Rain Jacket is the Best Cycling Rain Jacket I Know Of.

We all know that, in cycling, being visible is exceptionally important.  If you’re riding at night, well there’s nothing more important.


Nice, but nothing all that special, right?  Before I get into the important 2,000 words on this jacket, I’ve also got one of those plastic oven style rain jackets.  What’s an oven style jacket?  Wear one of those plastic do-dads and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  They’re like placing your upper body in an oven – actually “microwave” might be a more apt description… anyway, while they do keep the rain from penetrating, you’re anything but dry after ten miles wearing one.  It’s like wearing a sauna to keep the rain out.  My Zap jacket, on the other hand, is a perfect combination of protection and breathability.  I never leave home without it when there’s rain in the forecast.  That’s not as important as the next two photos though.

This is what my jacket looks like when hit by a flashlight with dying batteries and the camera flash turned off:


And this is with the flash turned on:


Enough said.