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Neat idea for a bike photo



31 freaking phenomenal miles with my buddy Phill and my wife.  Great, great day, though I broke my saddle (!).  Didn’t even bother trying a different model, bought the exact same saddle I had on it.  Took my wife’s crankset apart to clean it (she was a little clunky with grit), then built up a basketball hoop for my kids that we got them for Christmas.  Then took a nice nap.  Saturday’s don’t get any better.



  1. Nice shot, but it does highlight that your cabling could do with some tidying up at the front! 😉 #aero

  2. MJ Ray says:

    Broke the saddle, then repeated the purchase while hoping for a different outcome: what’s that the definition of? 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      Who said I was hoping for a different result? I had something like 18,000 miles on that saddle and it fits my ass like a glove. The fact that it lasted five years of hard use, through cold, wet, nasty weather appeared to me to be a good thing, not bad. One thing that one must be willing to embrace when riding lightweight equipment: It has a tendency to break after a while. It’s the nature of the way I ride. It appears as you would be one of those who say I should rather opt for a 2 pound Brooks saddle because it will last for decades, but if I followed that logic, my Venge would weigh only slightly less that your cruiser. Some may think I should go that route – maybe I should go for a five pound set of wheels instead of my 3 pound set, following that same logic… They’d obviously last longer, right? Maybe hold their true a little better? Heck, maybe go back to my alloy crank and handlebar because they’ll survive more abuse? Then I can have a $5,000 race bike that weighs 23 pounds (instead of 16.8)when I’m all done!

      Yeah, no thanks. You’ve got the wrong guy.

      • MJ Ray says:

        Not exactly. With all the money that racing teams throw at R+D, surely lightweight saddles should have improved in five years? Probably either even lighter or longer-lasting.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Well brother, as speed cyclists, when it comes to bike components, there are three criteria: Light, Inexpensive, and Durable. You can only pick two of those.

        I paid $82 for my new Romin. Lighter, more durable models are available but at a considerable upcharge that I wasn’t willing to pay. Also, I have two bikes to think about so I have to keep it in the same Brand/Model so the feel is consistent.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Dammit MJ, I replied to you too early in the morning… I wasn’t on my game! Had I been, I’d have responded like this:

      You’re assuming I am hoping for a different result. What does that make you?

      Dammit! Seriously though, all in good fun.

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