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Making the Announcements…

My daughter competed in the final District Meet a week or so ago. She struggled on her diving a little bit after over-rotating on an inward tuck and smacking her calf and both heels on the board in warm-ups.

She still swam and did every one of her dives.  While her travel team got her a place on the team as one of the better swimmers, being on the middle school team has cultivated an unexpected team spirit that my daughter needed.  The travel team is all about dropping time and making Junior Olympic cuts… Being on the middle school team is about helping her team so feels an ownership to do the best she can, even when it’s difficult, to help her team.





My daughter’s team won Districts by more than 100 points. It was an absolute drubbing (it’s a long story, JO’s were the weekend prior and disqualified several swimmers from competing in the final meet – competing in too many US swimming events means a one year ban from competing in school the entire next season).  So many kids swam the JO’s on one team they didn’t even bother showing up.

Anyway, the next day, during announcements, her name was called as the second leading point scorer for her school team over the PA.

She swam with a scraped and bloodied calf and two bruised heels. You can bet your butt I was proud of my baby. I love it when she shows some tough.

Cycling and Training; Decisions, Decisions…

Yesterday I had a choice to make…  After a 100 mile weekend on the first week of the cycling season, do I:

A)  Choose the trainer and go for an easy 45 minutes, covering 17 miles without moving an inch.


B)  Take my bike with me to the kids’ swimming practice and work on some climbing (there’s lots if you know where to go).

Some things to consider:

1.  It rained all of yesterday afternoon and the night before.  The weather man is calling for rain, ending around noon but it’ll be wet either way.

2.  The first club ride of the season is this evening.

3.  My legs are feeling a little smoked after a 200 mile week.

I’ll tell you, option A was mighty tempting if a little stupid, the day before the club ride.  I thought, if I just take it easy, climbing every hill I can find, it might be okay.  Yeah, I wouldn’t take it easy and I’d still climb every hill I could find – that’s just how I roll (it’s valuable to be able to assess a situation honestly).

On the other hand, I’m a little tired and sore so that spin on the trainer would be vastly more boring but better for my legs.

I went for option B. Seriously. No, really. I chose the trainer over an outdoor ride for the first time.  Ever. No, seriously. Yes, really. I did. Okay, this is getting a little silly, knock it off, would ya?! I chose the trainer just this once, there is no conspiracy hypothesis.

I needed it too. I felt like a million bucks after that spin. I had a little bit of back pain going in but was loose and feeling awesome after.  I’ll go into the club ride in much better shape this evening…  Also, we had quite a bit of rain to clean the roads and it’s supposed to be sunny and 60 this evening, with just a shade more than a breeze for wind.  No need for the rain bike tonight!

So, on tap for tomorrow: The 2016 Series of my Tuesday night club ride posts…