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…Because What the World Needs is More Bike P●rn


What the world needs is more freedom, not less.  More happiness, more love, more fun, and a whole lot more exercise.  What the world needs is more bike P♥rn! 


Be sure to check out Venge Corner as well… It’s growing quickly.






  1. Spencer Green says:

    Man – I need to find a club to ride with! Although this is really only my second year focusing primarily on road biking, I feel I made good progress last year and rode all winter to get into prime shape for spring (your posts gave me great motivation to keep riding when it was cold). I am now down to 208 pounds (down from 279 2 years ago) and am riding around 30 miles a night averaging 18-19mph. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to ride with a group and have some drafting opportunities to pick up my speed. Although I may need a bike upgrade before then. haha

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s great fun, Spencer. It’s a little on the dangerous side though, so be careful. If you’re able to hold an 18-19 mph average on your own, you’re fast enough to ride with me. Check with the owner of your local bike shop about a good club to join. Let the owner know how fast you ride and he/she will more than likely even be able to tell you which night you should show up on. Just be sure that your average is your average… an 18-19 mph average on open roads will require riding between 20 & 23 mph. If your cruising speed on flat roads is 18-19 mph then that will put you in with a different group. Congratulations on that weight loss, man. 71 pounds is AWESOME! Good luck finding that group.

  2. Spencer Green says:

    – whoops! was supposed to be a comment on the first club ride post. derpa derp! Those are some friggin’ sexy bikes though – am a BIG fan of the black and red!

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