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Not Rain, nor Sleet, nor Sno… Well, on Second Thought…

So I went for a ride on the trainer at the office yesterday because I really didn’t know if I’d be able to get out in the evening.  Nothing special, just my normal 45 minutes at around 23-25 mph, depending of course on the intensity of The Prophecy…  Now that’s a movie, my friends.

In any event, when I got home my wife and kids were all over me to play some basketball before they headed to swim practice.  Two minutes after they’d pulled out of the driveway and I’m looking at the sunshine thinking, “No way you can let this go without a ride”.

I pumped up my tires, filled my water bottle and out the door in went.  I’m easily going to hit 100 miles this weekend so I figured I’d just take it easy and ride up to the shop and back, just to say hi. 

Of course, I hadn’t quite counted on the 25 mile an hour wind in my face either.  Or the sleet.  I must say though, that easy 26 mph on the way home sure was fun. 

When the sleet started pelting me repeatedly about the face and neck, all I did was smile.  No negative thoughts, no whining about all of that wind in my face…  The wind just helps push that fresh air into my lungs and the sleet helped keep me cool.  Besides, an extra 10 miles outside beats the trainer.  Every time. 


We went out for an easy 30 this morning. My buddy Mike, my wife and I and our tandem friends Diane and Adam. Heading west wasn’t all that bad, heading south was big fun… We hit our destination, used a gas station’s facilities and headed back. And that’s when the suckin’ started. It’s funny how a tailwind always feels half as strong as the headwind, isn’t it?


Anyway, I’ve already ridden seven different times this week (two on Tuesday, twice yesterday) and we’ve got big plans for tomorrow and Sunday.

Spring got here just in time. Life is so much more enjoyable on a bicycle. Ride hard, my friends.


  1. Ugh wind and snow and rain this weekend here in Illinois. Ugh.

  2. Ian says:

    You just make me wanna ride 🙂 great effort fella

  3. It is half as strong on you in reality- simple vectors, apologies for being a smartarse, it’s the mathematician in me!

  4. elisariva says:

    The winds were strong this week here!

    And, dude, you would love a Garmin Edge! Upgrade to match the Venge coolness!

    • bgddyjim says:

      I have actually contemplated this but the truth is, I just don’t need it. I like the simplicity of the Trip 100 and the Speed SpeedZone Sport. All I need (and want) is is current speed, average speed, max speed and trip. When I was riding solo a lot, the data was a big deal. Now that I ride mostly with a group or my wife, the data is mainly unnecessary. I’m simply happier with less info.

      I realize I’m not supposed to think that way, but I do and I’m okay with it. Thanks for looking out, sister. 😉

  5. way to go! that’s badass. in sleet?? total badass. 😀

    also, i can’t help but smile when another cyclists says “easy” and then their ride mileage. often i’m asked, “how far do you ride?” and, when i share, those same people then ask… “AT ONE TIME???” or “IN ONE DAY???” 🙂 the “we only do that in a car” come back is old and stale now, but it’s still… nice… to hear, too.

    you know you’re a cyclist when… “easy” and 30 or 40 or 50-miles go together in a sentence. 😀

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