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ODRAM – A Heady Goal for the One Day Ride Across Michigan…


I’m planning on riding in the One Day Ride Across Michigan later this summer with a few of my best cycling buds.  149.5 mean miles – and our goal is to best 7-1/2 hours. Really, that’s not too tough. Where this gets interesting is I was invited to ride on this one, and it’s a fairly exclusive list. None of the racers who would flog us all day long with a 25 mph pace or anyone who can’t tow a 22 mph pace will be invited. So far there are about five of us.

Normally we skip the ODRAM because the Assenmacher pre-ride is the next day. A select group heads out to ride the 100 the week before the event to survey the roads, then a few of us head out to clean the gravel from the intersections that need it. We make an afternoon of it. If we average 19 mph on the pre-ride, that’s considered a fair effort.

I’m praying for a tailwind at ODRAM… because this year I’m going to try to do both. Go big or stay on the porch and quake with the chihuahuas.


  1. Ian says:

    What’s the elevation gain on that fella?

  2. runmyssierun says:

    You got this!! Enjoy it and break some records!

  3. Dan says:

    I’m trying to decide if I should respect this or talk to your Mrs. about having you committed! ;). Very cool.

  4. I wished it fit into my schedule, let me know how it goes I completed the Ride Across Indiana RAIN in 2012 great ride.

  5. Sue Slaght says:

    Quake with the Chihuahuas! Haha! Best of luck.

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