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Venge Corner… Send Me Your Venge Photos!

We who happen to be Specialized, in the Venge sense, know we’ve got a special bike.  We are among the great sprinters like Mark Cavendish (even if they made the Manx Missile switch to a Cervelo) and all around awesome greats like Peter Sagan.


The Venge got an unfair rap as impractical for today’s sportive century cyclist.  The Roubaix or Trek’s Domane are often pushed as more comfortable alternatives.  While it’s no leisure bike, when the setup is right, the Venge is an exceedingly comfortable race bike that just happens to be aerodynamic enough to catch a good draft from a piece of spaghetti.  It’s stiff enough for the most punishing sprinters on the planet, yet compliant enough and light enough to enjoy on the Horsey Hundred in Kentucky or Michigan’s Mountain Mayhem.  I should know, I rode mine in both…. and what goes up must come down and what a better way than on a bike that corners on a dime with nary a wiggle at speeds approaching 60 mph?


So, my friends, celebrate your Venge!

Check out my Venge Corner page and send me a couple of photos so I can post them there too.


  1. Ian says:

    I have no place here.. strictly in the Giant camp I’m sorry.. stunning bikes though 🙂

  2. i love the way you describe things! and, all the time, too! “draft off a piece of spaghetti” i’m amazed all the time 🙂

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