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A photographical how-to enjoy veggies…


As the miles are cranking up, two weeks in the 190’s, I can finally stop worrying about my diet so damn much.  Please keep the fact that I’m a freaking cycling nut as you read on.  During cycling season, food is my friend…  All of it*… Except broccoli.  You brocconazis are frickin’ nuts!  I digress.


This post has to do with the proper way for an endurance cyclist to enjoy carrots.



Get it so far?  Okay, let’s fast forward a bit…



The proper way to enjoy carrots during cycling season.  Period, end of story.

Oh, btw… Yes, restaurant quality good.

  •  On eating “anything I want”… within reason, my friends – I can eat anything I want, just not “as much of anything” as I want and it helps that I don’t “want” crap food.  I’ll never shy away from a burger during cycling season, though there are obviously limits.  This all depends on your definition of “anything” and “crap”.


  1. SRBennett says:

    What’s the recipe for that cake? It looks delicious!

  2. Sandra says:

    Oh. I absolutely approved of this method. Although my manta is, and will always be: if it’s not chocolate, it’s wasted calories.

  3. wanderwolf says:

    As soon as I saw the carrot in the processor, I knew what was coming! My favorite part of Easter is the carrot cake. 🙂 A great way to get in that vitamin K!

  4. I love carrot cake with walnuts, I have not had any in a long time

  5. bribikes says:

    Yummy! Can I get extra frosting, please?

    But before I eat dessert I’ll finish gnawing on this head of broccoli, if you don’t mind 😀

  6. shallow and short-sighted though it may be, i’ve always thought that vegetables make an EXCELLENT sound in the garbage disposal. meat… check. carbs… check. fruit… check. vegetables? suspicious. suspicious indeed. very, very, very tricky of you to find ways to disguise them in cake. i feel like i’d have some trust issues if this kind of thing went on in the kitchen here…. 😉

  7. Sue Slaght says:

    Mmmmm this looks like the best nutrition tip I’ve seen in some time. 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      Yes indeed. My doctor saw that post and nearly went into cardiac dysrhythmia till I reminded him I’d be riding enough miles on my bike over the weekend that it’d take him two and a half hours in a car to equal me. He calmed down after that. Wait till you see my “after mountain bike ride breakfast” post tomorrow morning!

  8. Looks like the perfect ‘casserole’

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