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Cycling and a Rest Day, of Sorts.

The second day of March was the last time I took a day off the bike.  Do the math, my club ride tonight will be 27 days in a row and I’ve got this down to a science.  This year is a little different from last though, at least so far.

We’ll start with Monday but pay attention to the weekend…

Monday:  Easy spin, slow speed, high but easy cadence,  16 to 20 miles at about a 15 or 16 mph pace.

Tuesday:  7.5+ mile warmup 16 to 17 mph pace.  30 miles of full-on, tongue hanging out 22-23 mph average pace.

Wednesday:  Easy ride, same as Monday.

Thursday:  Medium effort 18-19 mph average for 16-20 miles.  Probably my most pace… enough work you can call it lolligagging but not too tough I can’t smile.

Friday:  Medium effort 17.5 to 18.5 mph average for 25 to 35 miles with my wife and buddy, Mike.  Generally speaking, a nice, fun ride.

Saturday:  Bigger miles, 40 to 50 miles at around 18.5 to 19.5 mph average pace.  A little faster but slow enough to be loads of fun.  Getting into summer this will head north of 75 miles, same pace.

Sunday:  For now, usually around 38 miles at around a 20 mph pace.  This will get longer and faster as we get closer to summer.  This one is usually some work because we’ll have a smaller group and will have to take more turns up front.

So that’s about the done of that.  Add the mileage up and it should come out to around 200 miles in a week.


Monday is rightly my “Holy Moses, my legs are tired” day. In fact, Monday used to be my day off two years ago for just that reason. By fluke I learned, after choosing a recovery ride on a Monday, that I felt a lot better on Tuesday night if I didn’t take the day off.  It appears that when I take time off, it takes a day to get my legs spun back up and ready to go.  Taking Monday off was actually making my Tuesday harder.

So yesterday was my “day off”.  It was pouring outside for much of the day so I ended up on the trainer for 45 minutes just spinning away the time.  No worries about speed or increasing my fitness, just keeping my legs rolling so I will have a better go of it tonight.

In keeping with this schedule, not only am I able to ride on a daily basis, I’m able to maintain a pretty decent pace when it counts and I still have a couple of rides a week where I can just sit up and smell the fresh air (or office air as the case was yesterday – not quite as sweet, but better than struggling through the Tuesday night club ride).