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When a Recovery Ride Goes Wrong, That’s Amoré


I read a great reminder post yesterday written by a new mom and an accomplished runner about working training plans into a hectic life..  Now to be fair, I don’t really think you can call what I do “training” anymore.  I ride.  For fun and stress relief.  Because I have a hectic life.  I just tend to do it really fast, because that makes me smile.

I don’t sit down and say, “Okay, I have to go [insert pace here] for [insert distance or time here] because I have to PR [insert event here]”.  Three years ago?  Yeah, to an extent, but nowadays it’s more about just going for a ride.  For me, nothing is set in stone as long as my BMI is in the low 20’s.

Yesterday when I got home from the office, after one of my guys calling from jail and another two more not showing up due to car trouble, and deadlines that won’t move, I needed a ride.  Bad.  It should have been an easy day after the club ride but I needed to burn off some adrenaline.

I did everything right…  right up until I turned out of the driveway with a 20-ish mph tailwind.  After a mile I turned left and expected to battle a merciless crosswind.  Instead I simply got down in the drops and held 20-21 mph fairly easily.

Now, two miles later it was a different story when I was headed back south (my normal weekday route is short, only 16 miles, and boring.  The main reason my wife and l ride it is because it takes advantage of a lack of traffic and I like it because I can get it done in 48 minutes if I have to).  Still, 16 mph was fairly easy and 17-18 was achievable so I stayed with 17.

The next three miles, heading east, were just as easy at 20-21 as the mile west – no east/west tilt to the wind, it was straight out of the south.  Then two miles fighting the wind, a few tiny rollers… a mile north at 26-27, then turn around and do that mile again (it’s a fun mile, worth doing twice) followed by two wonderful miles north ranging from 24-29 mph, a couple headed back west and I was on my last mile…

I was at 18.7 average when I turned for home but the wind was picking up.  In a rare moment I decided to just spin it home rather than bother worrying about holding my average.  That last mile took me more than four minutes and I still came in almost eight minutes faster than my target of 16 mph anyway…

Nothing is set in stone.

Yesterday should have been an easy day.  I rode hard the day before and I’ve got some big plans for the weekend if the weather cooperates, a fairly big “if”.  On the other hand, I knew I’d have an easy day on the trainer today as the weather is showing high wind and storms all day long.  More important, when my butt hit the saddle, I simply didn’t feel like going slow so I didn’t.  The decision was based solely on my desire, and because I choose to be happy with who I am and how I pedal my bike, I am free to do as I please.  That is all good.

It also meant I had some time to stage a few photos before dinner…



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