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As America Berns, Trump Style: Understanding the American Presidential Nomination Process.

April 2016
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Trigger (heh) warning:  This is a political post that includes, in part, my opinion.  It is a departure from my standard recovery and cycling theme, from a conservative point of view.  If this is scary to you, if you feel threatened enough that you might want to curl up in the fetal position and have a good cry while you suck on your thumb because there are people out there who believe that government is the problem, not the solution, maybe you shouldn’t read any further.  You have been trigger (heh) warned.

A key to understanding liberal politics is knowing that, unless you’re talking about drugs, gambling or abortion, they’re all about stripping freedom from those who elect them.  Therefore politicians have to lie consistently about the policies themselves because to tell the truth would expose them for what they’re really about:  Government control of everything, right down to the food you stick in your mouth because they know better than you and if everyone would just do what they want, their way, it would be Utopia.  In fact, if you pay attention you can read between the lines but that’s not always easy.

For instance, liberals always like to complain that the rich take more than their fair share, leaving scraps for the rest of us to fight over.  Certainly, traveling to the right places in several States, Florida and California in particular, will reinforce this ignorant notion.  Their answer is always to artificially raise wages and tax the hell out of corporations.  Unfortunately these policies do what?  They force businesses in a competitive market, to seek cheaper alternatives – and if that wasn’t bad enough (and it is), once companies find a way to exploit the world labor market, they find it easier to shelter their assets overseas and avoid putative taxation at home.

There’s a simpler way to understand how their policies work though.  Let’s say we have a shortage of milk in this country.  We all know the rich kids are going to get their daily dose of Vitamin D goodness because they can afford such things but the Democrats want reasonably priced milk for everyone.  Their response is to tax the hell out of farmers if they don’t produce more milk which in turn causes the farmers to sell the cows for slaughter to escape the taxes.  The good news is, the price of steak comes down.  The bad news is, in other words, their policies kill cows to produce more milk.  Then, to make matters worse, rather than be adults about it and admit their idiocy, they blame Republicans for their disasters and the vast left-wing conspiracy media backs their claim up.

One only need look at the difference in the party nominating processes to understand exactly how deep this rabbit hole is.  For some reason Donald Trump has struck a chord with the Republican electorate, or at least a portion of it (normally around 35%).  I was hoping against hope that the nomination would go to the convention where he could be tossed out on his ear but unless his most recent faux pas dooms him, it’s looking like he just might take the nomination.  Know this:  The party elite does not want either of the two front runners and that’s exactly why those two are so popular.  We’re tired of the John McCain’s and Mitt Romney’s.  The elite say they don’t like Cruz because he’s unlikeable (and that’s hard to argue with).  They point out that even his colleagues didn’t like him very much.  Well, that’s exactly what Republicans want.  I digress.  What’s confusing about Trump is that we’re also tired of politicians who can’t win an easy debate because they don’t have a firm grasp on American conservative politics.  Cruz at least has that, if he is unpalatable.  Either way, at least for now, the voters actually get to decide who gets the nomination, even if it’s Trump.  The party elite can try a few tricks to get around that but to do so would mean mutiny and they know it.

Contrast that with the Democrats.  The party elite controls who gets nominated.  Period, end of story.  If the electorate doesn’t choose who they like, they have Superdelegates that can fix the race.  The party says, “As long as you vote for who we like, your vote will count.  If, on the other hand, you try to nominate someone we don’t particularly care for, we’re going to slam the door shut on you.”  Now, don’t take this to mean I’m a fan of Big Bern, I’m not.  I truly believe that he would be one of (if not the) the most destructive presidents  to freedom and the American Dream in American history if he were elected.  I also believe that the fact he’s garnered so much support from Democrat voters is a scary as hell…  He was allowed to run in the first place because he didn’t have a chance because he was way too far left (he’s so far left he rubs elbows with Ron Paul).  This little bit of opinion is really irrelevant though.  What’s important is the reality that Democrats, whether they’ll cop to it like grownups or not, are all about the control of others.  That may be great over in Europe.  It’s certainly not American though.

Just sayin’.



  1. Great April fools day joke!

  2. OmniRunner says:

    Well, no one is “allowed” to run, anyone can run. You or I could run. The great thing about the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire is that many candidates can run on a very small budget.
    I think the early part of these races is the best because you get so many ideas. When I voted in the Massachusetts primary I saw ballots for 5 or 6 parties. Some I had never heard of before, but I thought it was great that all of these people got to run for president.
    The “Super delegates” thing is a little screwy. But it is a party rule, not a law and can be changed.

    • bgddyjim says:

      No one is “allowed” to run? So the best the Democrats can do are a dope (Lincoln Chafee), a viable moderate (Martin I think, yeah?), a Socialist and a pathological liar?

      The field was stacked because it was madam Hillary’s turn. Now, the question is, why is it a party rule in the first place… The answer is so the party elites can take the will of the voters away if the party doesn’t agree. That’s socialism, buddy.

      • OmniRunner says:

        I think you missed my point. Parties don’t decide who runs, the fools brave enough to do so decide to run.
        The party elite are taking power away from the folks you scorn, not sure why you have an issue with that.

      • bgddyjim says:

        To an extent you have a point, especially for the flier parties, and maybe even a little bit for the two bigger parties…. But for the Democrats, who gets the nomination is controlled by the party – and that was my point, that you missed.

        Finally, being from Flint, Michigan, ALL of my friends are Democrats. I do not scorn the people, I scorn politicians, in particular Democrats. Most people are too ignorant to know any better anyway.

  3. Sheree says:

    Enlightening for us across the pond.

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