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Sleep Matters, Especially when You don’t Get Much. What I Thought was a Gimmick Pillow Pays Off. Big.

April 2016

My wife bought me one of those pricey contoured gel/foam pillows last week. 

I’m not big into gimmicks.  You know, like 29er’s, front shocks or dual suspension mountain bikes.  Or how about those silly hydraulic brakes?  We didn’t need any of that crap when I was a kid. 

I do have a 29er with a beefy front shock and hydraulic brakes and it is good.  Riding a 29er is obviously a little heavier but compared to my 26 it feels like riding a limo.  If a limo felt awesome over gnarly trails.  Which a limo doesn’t, but if it did.  Shocks?  Not even a real question.  Hydraulic disc brakes?  The only people on the planet who think hydraulic disc brakes aren’t spectacularly better than rim (or mechanical disc) brakes are those who haven’t ridden a bike with hydraulic disc brakes.

So I gave this pillow a try, expecting nothing special.  This gel and foam contoured monstrosity.  Stupid gimmi…

I haven’t slept better.  I actually wake up in the middle of the night for my old man pee and can’t wait to climb back into bed.  I actually slept till 5 this morning. I might sleep in two or three times a year.

Not only have I been sleeping better, I’ve been waking up without having to take five minutes to get the joints all moving and ready for action. I’m dealing with significantly fewer creaks and reduced soreness. Significantly fewer aches and pains.

Look, I’ve been sleeping on the same type of pillow since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I’d never have guessed a pillow would matter all that much. It did. A lot.


I liked it so much my wife went out and bought one as well – and she is experiencing the same enjoyable results.

Now I’m sure there will be plenty of folks out there who would or do hate this pillow and at full price, they’re anything but cheap, the risk might not be worth it. We purchased ours on sale at Kohl’s though, and for what we paid for them, they were worth the risk.

Add the fact that the risk paid off and in hindsight I’d have paid full price for the pillow in a heartbeat had I known they’d perform as well as they do.

Unlike the copper laced clothing which was originally billed as a help to blood flow and is now relegated in ads as “odor protection” to avoid litigation (presumably for false advertising), the contoured gel foam pillows do give my wife and I better, deeper, more comfortable sleep.

If you have a tough time getting moving in the morning, one of these contour pillows might be the answer. They’re doing wonders for my wife and I.


  1. Tony says:

    Pleasant dreams.

  2. Kecia says:

    I’ve slept on one of these for years and LOVE IT!! I sleep so much better!! It is worth every penny 🙂

  3. OmniRunner says:

    I’ll have to give that a try. I woke up around 3AM this morning. Maybe a better pillow would have let me sleep till 5.
    Sleep is priceless!

  4. Manu Stanley says:

    Loved your view point on the 29-ers with hydraulic disc brakes. I’m enjoying my own version of these. 🙂

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