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DAMMIT, I’m a Pitch Perfect Nerd…

April 2016
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I don’t know if I’ve ever written about this but I’m quite musically inclined.  I played the sax in high school and I was good.  Not a little bit good, I was good.  My friends and I could jam out (as we said back in the day).  Then I took to singing and a buddy of mine and I did a battle of the bands which led to an invite to be the lead singer for a national band (Rhythm Corps).  That didn’t work out (or it did depending on how you look at it – the way I see it, exactly what needed to happen, did) and it was entirely my fault.

Anyway, I never bothered with voice lessons.  Had I, I’d have been pretty awesome.  As it is, I’m okay, maybe above average.

Now that my daughter is playing trumpet and is far more talented than I was at her age, we have something in common and it’s been special sharing my enjoyment of music with my kid…

That recently took what I thought was a turn for the worse when I came home with my youngest daughter to find my wife and the elder watching Pitch Perfect. A few days later they rented Pitch Perfect 2. For Easter my wife bought the movies on DVD…

Now going back to that first viewing… The ending got me. Drew me in and hooked me. The second installment was hilarious. The movies, amazingly, celebrate nerds and music in a way that is, put simply, good and rare.  Rather than the gangly, ungainly, unattractive nerds that usually make it into film, these movies show nerds as they are in reality:  A diverse group ranging from the attractive to the stereotypical nerd.  In short, the films celebrate what I was as a kid (and truthfully, what I am now, along with my wife) and I dig it.

So I’m sitting up in the stands last night, watching my girls swim.  After the eldest was done (her 2 hour session finishes after the youngest has been swimming for a half-hour, meaning I’m in the stands for 3 total), she emerged from the locker room and came up to sit down next to me…  I had my headphones in and was listening to the PP2 soundtrack.  My daughter took one of my ear buds and put it in her ear and we sat there, next to each other, and bopped our heads, singing along together.  I handled the base stuff, she got the high notes… and it was good.

Man, I love my wife and kids.  Being a nerd has never been so much fun.




  1. I am a music nerd too (clarinet player). As if I don’t have enough going on with triathlon already…I manage to squeeze in two evening rehearsals a week. Loved this post. 🙂

  2. elisariva says:

    Aca-awesome! I am a PP 1 & 2 fan as well!

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Love that photo Jim!

  4. Interesting.. but can you dance?

    If you didn’t ride Specialized and Trek, I would call you a nerd. I can’t.

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