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Wait a Second, What is that Water-like Substance Dripping onto My Sunglasses?!

April 2016

I went out for a ride yesterday evening… Nothing special, I always go for a ride after work during the week. There were more than a dozen other reasons that did make it special though.

First, the sun was out. Second, the wind was out of the… hell, it was so light I don’t even remember where it was coming from. And it was ten degrees warmer than Tuesday evening.

So here’s the deal; I rode hard(ish) on Monday, Tuesday was the club ride so that was all-in fast, that meant? Yes, Wednesday should be a recovery ride. There are two operative words in that sentence and they are not italicized. “Should be”.

Maybe it was the warmth, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t have to wear a cap under my helmet… or maybe it that I only needed one layer of clothing instead of the normal three.

Who knows, dude.

I spent one or two hundred yards at 18 mph and thought, “I can turn this up a bit, this too easy”. Never mind that the whole idea of a recovery ride is to be easy. No, I mean it, never mind that.

So 14 miles in, almost home, I look down and I’m just shy of a 20 mph average. Oops. Then, of all things, something dripped down from my brow onto the lens of my shades… It couldn’t have been rain, the sun was out. It happened again. I was confused. Confounded. Baffled. Perplexed!

I’m still befuddled a bit but I think it may have been… sweat?!

Anyway, living so close to Flint, I had a testing kit handy so I squeezed out the pads in my helmet and shipped it off to be tested.

…and it gets warmer as the week goes on! I’m a little more than fired up. ‘Bout time. Ride hard my friends.  I’ve got so many miles planned for the rest of this weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up over 250.


  1. bribikes says:

    Dude, you should get that checked out with your doctor asap…liquid should not be coming out of your forehead! That sounds dangerous! Not to be overbearing or anything but I think you should stay inside with the air conditioning on high and do as little physical activity as possible until late fall. That may help solve the problem.

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    How did I not notice before that you live near Flint? My brother lived in Fenton for years and Rock and I have a summer home in Kalkaska (haha, if you know where that is). We are sort of searching for a home in MI right now. We just love it.

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