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Decisions, Decisions… Top 10% of First World Problems…

April 2016
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This one:


I used to hate riding the Trek.  A brilliant paint job, a massive clean up and most important, a new headset later and I enjoy that bike a lot more.  It’s sturdy, comfortable and fun, if a little heavy.

Or this one:


Dude, pro race bike, minus a $2,000 set of carbon fiber wheels.  This one is more comfortable, safer, more stable and fast.

It is good to have my problems.  I know this.  I really do have a tough time picking out which bike I want to ride though.

The Specialized has always been the no-brainer, easy choice.  The Trek was the “I just got done with a ride on the Venge and I’m thinking I should ride the Trek more often” bike.  Today it’s a different story. I rode the Trek almost all winter long and while it doesn’t quite fit like the Venge, it’s still a fantastic bike, even at 17 years-old.

On one hand, the Trek is heavier at around 21, maybe 22 pounds while the Venge is a lightweight at 16.8 pounds.  On the other and ironically, the Trek (with its triple crankset) is geared for climbing.  While it’s a rare day that I find a hill in my neck of the woods that would require the little ring on the Trek, I’ve ridden plenty that having a 30 tooth chain ring helped on.

There once was a day when this wasn’t even a decision but times, they’ve changed.  While it is a simple decision on those days where I know darn good and well I’m going to need all of the speed I can get – I’m taking the Venge, it’s not all that simple.  My fastest ride so far this year was on the Trek.  That won’t hold for very long, of course, but I know for a fact, when I bring the Trek I can hang.  In the end, I’m trying to fight the temptation to favor the Venge to put more miles on the Trek this year.  The truth is, the Trek does take a little more effort to make it go fast so the more time I spend on the Trek, the better the Venge feels when I take it out.

If only the rest of my life boiled down to decisions like this…


Or this




  1. Yeah I sometimes find myself pondering whether it’s nice enough outside to take the “good bike” out or if I’ll have pony up and ride the heavy “winter” bike with mudgards (but Di2). First world problems, eh? 😉

  2. Dan says:

    Meanwhile…..I’m stuck on a 1980 steel Raleigh single speed! They’re having me drive wall to wall and I’m taking the Waterford on those trips. I still LOVE riding!

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