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Daily Archives: April 16, 2016

The End of a Perfect Two-Wheeled Day…


54.75 miles, three hours on the nose.  Time spent with my wife and a few friends, enjoying being fit and the long awaited arrival of spring.

Simply doesn’t get any better.


It was still quite chilly when we left but it warmed up quickly. 

A 43 Mile Recovery Ride…

The weather around here has finally turned. Good GOD, it’s about time too! The answer to temperatures in the mid 60’s (17-18 c for you metric folks) is, God help me for putting it this way, a liberal dose of mileage.

My wife, my buddy Mike and I headed out yesterday morning bright and early.  It was cool to start but it warmed up fast.  We were pedaling easy at 19 mph and it was simply pure awesome on two wheels.  We were something like 14 miles out before we realized we’d had a gentle breeze pushing us the whole way – we were going to eat wind the whole way home.  Still, at the pace we were going, Mike and I were taking 4 mile turns up front.  We also tried to keep an eye on my wife who has a tendency to try to match Mike and I in time up front and she’s just not quite there yet…  She ends up cooking herself way too soon.  We’d let her go for a mile, maybe a little more, before we jumped in front of her.  That worked out perfectly.  She was fresh right up till the last mile when we sat up and rode home easy.

We did 43-1/2 miles (my wife’s second 40+ mile ride in two days) at better than a 17.5 mph pace.

This morning we’re heading out for another 50+ miles.  The weather’s going to be even better… and tomorrow we’re into the 70’s with abundant sunshine and nothing but time to turn a s#!+ ton of miles.  Ah, life is good.  I missed this…

Of course, it’s not necessarily perfect, even though it will be impossibly sunny, with almost no wind to speak of. It’ll be 45 when we start and 70 by the time we’re done. How do you dress for that?! I’ll give you a clue… It’s gonna be a cold start.

And one final note: When shopping for cycling clothing, be sure to check out for some fantastic deals. I bought a new kit yesterday:




I spent less on that full pro-quality kit that I spent on a single Specialized jersey that I bought for my wife the other day… Delivered to my doorstep. This will be my third and fourth piece of Cavalo kit and I can tell you, it’s pro cut sizing so you have to order a size larger, but it’s quality kit, worth double what I paid for it.