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The Way Fitness Should Be, In My Perfect World

Please forgive the goofed up title… Autocorrect got me and rather than fix it, creating a warp in the space-time continuum, I’m going to leave it till tomorrow.

I rode my bicycle 54 miles yesterday.  There wasn’t one minute in the three hours it took that I wasn’t having fun. 

I went out to dinner last night.  I had some antipasto salad, some bread sticks and pizza.  It was good.  Good company, good food…  and decent fuel for my ride today. 

Here I sit this morning and I’m just about to get ready to do it all over again.  I’m almost giddy.  Sunshine, barely a breeze, and perfect cycling temperatures.

I don’t care about six-pack abs or rippling muscles.  I don’t care about the best way to get a magazine-worthy body.  I don’t have to.  I’m close enough for government work as it is, just by doing what I do.

Nope, what matters is spending some hours in the sun, rocketing down the road with my wife and friends.  What matters is an hour a day, whether I need it or not, during the week and a few hours a day on the weekends. 

There are sacrifices, of course.  I don’t have the time to make my yard look like I stole a fairway from a golf course.  As long as the grass is cut, I’m cool.  Oh, and I have to eat.  There’s that.  To ride like I do, I’ve gotta fuel the effort.

This is the way fitness is, in a perfect world.

I don’t have to worry about how I’ll fit my next workout into my life.  I can’t wait to get back outside and ride again because cycling is one of the fun parts in my life.

Ride hard, my friends.  You know I will.


UPDATE: 49 miles on the nose, 2:20:36. 20.9 mph average. A perfect ride.




  1. ekels22 says:

    Going to the gym is one of the most boring things I can think of doing. Cycling is fun 99% of the time except for maybe a tough headwind at the end of a long solo ride. I got invited to be on the Roll Models Bike Shop racing team today. We did 50 miles today going back out at noon tomorrow.

  2. ekels22 says:

    Thanks Jim i’m pretty excited. Enjoy the nice Michigan weather.

  3. The unlikely runner says:

    Rode 16 mile on Friday and then ran the same course yesterday. Enjoyed every minute of the ride. Didn’t enjoy the run as much but managed to smash a few guilt free calories this weekend and had a few hours to myself.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The thing that always bugged me about running was the recovery time. I can recover from a bike ride in the time it takes to nap (call it less than an hour). I’d be hobbling around like an old man for 24 hours after a comparable run effort. Nice work though… I’ve never done a 16 mile run (most I could tolerate was a half-marathon).

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