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Daily Archives: April 19, 2016

The Hardest 17 Mile Recovery Ride I’ve Ever Done.

It was brilliantly sunny and warm yet again yesterday… though the wind finally picked up.  After three great days of 40+ miles my dogs were barking.

The idea of course, even though we were just looking for a recovery ride, was to incorporate some climbing into the ride because we were in Fenton where hills abound.  I asked my wife to ride with before I left for work in the morning so she actually got two rides in, one yesterday morning with my buddy Mike and she came out for another 17 with me.

The sun was glorious and it was our first ride sans arm and knee warmers.  This won’t hold for long, it is April in Michigan, but it sure was nice.  I explained to Mrs. Bgddy that I had absolutely no expectations for our ride within the first ten turns of the crank, that slow was the order of the day, as long as we got in some hills and a few miles to spin my legs out.  With that, we rolled out.

…And proceeded to hit every freakin’ hill we could find, except one which we would have no business being on in a recovery ride anyway – it’s the biggest hill we have in the county. We rolled out into the wind and were climbing the first decent hill within three-quarters of a mile and it didn’t let up until we were 15 miles in with only a couple to go..  Even though we took them fairly easy (I only bothered to get out of the saddle for a few).  I don’t quite know how to categorize the ride though.  First, it wasn’t a recovery ride.  It wasn’t near flat enough for that.  On the other hand, the pace was certainly all that tough either way.

Whatever it was, it was nice to take some time out of riding with everyone else to hang out with Mrs. Bgddy.  We did that 17 miles in a little more than an hour and I was glad to be done.  We may have to figure out a better route for Mondays though.  With the big club ride tonight, I don’t know about working that hard on Monday.  It’ll be an experiment in progress, I suppose.