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Why Ride Hard? Why Bother with the Effort?

April 2016
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I’m harder on me than anyone else could be.  I give it my best till I’m spent, each and every time I get on my bike (with the obvious exception of recovery rides).  I don’t know why I like going fast, I don’t really know as I care why.  I just do.

I went out for a ride with my wife and buddy Brad this morning.  It was a little misty out with times of light rain, and it was windy.  I took the first pull up front.  Seven miles.  Then we turned south and I let my wife take a turn to her heart’s content.

We stopped at a convenience store, got situated and headed out.  Brad took a mile in the crosswind, then my wife took a few, then I hunkered down and took every mile into the headwind on the way back and maintained a 17 mph pace on the bar top so I could break more wind for my wife and friend.

If I need a reason to train hard, that’s as good as it gets.

32 miles, 17-1/2 mph pace and a great time.  Even though we got spritzed.


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