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Something is cooking at the bike shop…

April 2016
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I’ve got something big cooking at the bike shop and it’s got my name all over it…  Maybe.

We haven’t taken it for a test ride yet, that’ll happen next week-ish.

Then comes a complete setup if we like it. More later.

It’s a Co-motion Periscope Trident being converted to a road bike. My favorite feature is the low-slung back end. It looks like a tandem road bike dragster to me. Interestingly, it’s steel but surprisingly light.

The reason that back end is so low is actually a very important feature for why I fell in love with that bike… The stoker seat post and bullhorn “periscope” so someone as short as 4’2″ or as tall as 6’2″ can be the stoker.

Within seconds, I can set the bike up for my wife or either daughter.

Too cool!



  1. bribikes says:

    How exciting! Here is to hoping the test ride goes well…maybe it will be love on the first mile of road.

  2. Tony says:

    Tandems look so cool. I have never had the pleasure. I often see them on the Chicago Lakefront.

  3. Kecia says:

    So awesome! We’ve tried tandem and it just doesn’t work for us. I’m a control freak and need to be in front, but Tim is 6’4″ and 220 lbs…when he rides in the back and does ANY change in motion, it throws us for a loop…literally! Not a good fit for us, but I wish it were 😉

  4. can’t wait to hear about your test ride!

  5. Have you ridden tandem before? April and I absolutely LOVE riding tandems together. As she’s not as strong a rider as your wife, we can cover much, much more ground out on the road together without her tiring and falling behind. I’d buy one tomorrow if I had the space to store it. Next house maybe!

  6. You’ll be breaking the sound barrier soon!

  7. Spencer Green says:

    You and your wife are going to love the tandem! My girlfriend and I got an old steel Burley Duet from the shop I volunteer at a few months ago. Still waiting for the weather to warm up, but we have plans to ride it a lot. My girlfriend lost her vision 5 years ago and has really been enjoying the feeling of riding a bike again, and it brings me an incredible amount of joy to be able to share that with her.

  8. 9recipes says:

    You’ll be breaking the sound barrier soon!

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