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Something is cooking at the bike shop…


April 2016

I’ve got something big cooking at the bike shop and it’s got my name all over it…  Maybe.

We haven’t taken it for a test ride yet, that’ll happen next week-ish.

Then comes a complete setup if we like it. More later.

It’s a Co-motion Periscope Trident being converted to a road bike. My favorite feature is the low-slung back end. It looks like a tandem road bike dragster to me. Interestingly, it’s steel but surprisingly light.

The reason that back end is so low is actually a very important feature for why I fell in love with that bike… The stoker seat post and bullhorn “periscope” so someone as short as 4’2″ or as tall as 6’2″ can be the stoker.

Within seconds, I can set the bike up for my wife or either daughter.

Too cool!


  1. bribikes says:

    How exciting! Here is to hoping the test ride goes well…maybe it will be love on the first mile of road.

  2. Tony says:

    Tandems look so cool. I have never had the pleasure. I often see them on the Chicago Lakefront.

  3. Kecia says:

    So awesome! We’ve tried tandem and it just doesn’t work for us. I’m a control freak and need to be in front, but Tim is 6’4″ and 220 lbs…when he rides in the back and does ANY change in motion, it throws us for a loop…literally! Not a good fit for us, but I wish it were 😉

  4. can’t wait to hear about your test ride!

  5. Have you ridden tandem before? April and I absolutely LOVE riding tandems together. As she’s not as strong a rider as your wife, we can cover much, much more ground out on the road together without her tiring and falling behind. I’d buy one tomorrow if I had the space to store it. Next house maybe!

  6. You’ll be breaking the sound barrier soon!

  7. Spencer Green says:

    You and your wife are going to love the tandem! My girlfriend and I got an old steel Burley Duet from the shop I volunteer at a few months ago. Still waiting for the weather to warm up, but we have plans to ride it a lot. My girlfriend lost her vision 5 years ago and has really been enjoying the feeling of riding a bike again, and it brings me an incredible amount of joy to be able to share that with her.

  8. 9recipes says:

    You’ll be breaking the sound barrier soon!

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