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The Cavalo Laccio Kit from Nashbar: Ah,the Sweet Feel of a New Kit


April 2016

I own a Cavalo jersey, the Squadra 3.0 to be specific…  Well, technically I used to own two of the exact same jersey but I gave one of mine to a new kid in our group who was lacking in decent cycling apparel and cash.  I also gave him a pair of my Specialized RBX Pro shorts and a couple more jerseys.

Dude, if you can’t help out a kid when you’re as fortunate as I am, what good are you?

The point is, of course, that I liked the jersey so much and they’re such a fantastic bargain, I bought a second.  In fact, they still have them (sadly only in Medium) over at Nashbar for forty bucks.  The one I have left still looks excellent and enjoys a regular spot in my summer cyclewear rotation.  It’s three years old.

The other day I was thinking it’s time for another pair of bib shorts.  My shorts, all but one pair, are starting to look a little ratty and now that I finally understand just how much better bibs are than shorts, the correct conclusion was new bibs.  I don’t know as I’ll ever go back to shorts before I’m 70.

I started looking at Specialized RBX bibs.  They start at $150 a pair for the decent one’s.  I had second thoughts about dropping that much cheese on a pair of shorts, I won’t lie.  That’s a lot of jack, Jack.  I went over to Nashbar to see what they had and found the Laccio kit.  Folks, I got the bibs and matching jersey for $25 less than I’d have paid for a pair of the Specialized bibs.

Sizing is a little tricky because it’s European clothing, so it runs small.  Normally I’ll take an American Medium so I need a Large in anything “Pro Fit” or European.  My kit arrived Thursday and put simply, it’s awesome.

.Even though I should represent, as my buddy Mike did, with my Affable Hammers kit, I wanted to try the new one out on a long ride – even though this is akin to heresy amongst cyclists (you never try a new kit out on a long ride lest you end up with an ill-fitting kit and a couple saddle sores the size of oranges).  I won’t get all long and drawn out about it…  The kit was awesome.  In fact, it was even better than my Hammers’ kits, and that’s saying something.  I paid $40 more for my Hammers’ setup too.

I made it through my 100k without so much as a pinch.  Cavalo makes some good stuff.

As a side note, with the Squadra jersey, the Medium was a little tight until I hit mid-season weight, I probably would have done better with a Large.  That’s what I ordered this time around and while the bibs are just a shade bigger than expected, the jersey is longer than I’d anticipated – it’s still tight in the chest, arms and torso, the tail is just longer by an inch or so.  That said, the kit is definitely going into the regular rotation.



  1. Kecia says:

    Good gear is DEFINITELY worth the investment!

  2. fastk9dad says:

    I had 2 pairs of RBX bibs – Comp versions. They both lasted almost exactly 2 years. I bought them months apart because they fit so well but at about the 2 year mark the chamois in one began to separate internally (so you’d end up with more padding on one side then the other). I was able straighten them out for a few extra uses but then the second pair started doing the same thing shortly after and eventually it got so bad it became unfixable in both pairs. Not sure if the Pro version would be any better after that length of time but I didn’t go back for seconds on them. They got replaced with my goto Castelli gear.

    I haven’t tried Cavalo stuff yet but I’ll put it on my short list, thanks for the recommendation. I have had good luck with some Performance brand gear I have.

    • bgddyjim says:

      The pro versions are vastly better. I have a comp that did the same thing. I’ve got three years on one pair of pros and I’m going into the second on the other. No problems with either pair of the pro version as far as the chamois goes.

      I have to try a pair of Castelli too, thanks for reminding me! I have two friends who use them exclusively.

  3. the second i read that you gave a favored jersey to a new kid, this became my favorite of your posts. this is EXACTLY what i would have done. this is EXACTLY how i think cycling and “group” is supposed to be. and, this is EXACTLY how i think about sharing in general.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Yeah, I almost didn’t include that part in the post because I hate people that toot their own horn about all the good they do “raising awareness” and so forth. It seemed relevant though – the jersey is good enough that I bought two. Thanks Weronika, that’s how we Midwesterners roll. Usually. 😉

  4. also, i’m going to ask… what does mrs bgddyjim have to say about kits? you know… with female readers, the logistics are sometimes different. you male cyclists are like boards with quads. what’s her brand(s)? any suggestions or echo thumbs up?

    • bgddyjim says:

      We have a tough time with Mrs. Bgddy. She loves the way Bora bibs feel (those are the Affable Hammer bibs) but not the way they make access difficult at rest stops and I can hardly blame her there. She likes Pearl Izumi shorts but tends to be a little bit cheap, so it gets tricky (I am obviously not so afflicted). She doesn’t like the Specialized skin grippers because they disagree with her skin… Basically, we’re still working on that. I’ll let you know when we get her figured out.

  5. Eric says:

    I just ordered a Pactimo kit everything I have now is Pearl Izumi. Excited to try something new. Plus new bike is red and black so have to buy some new kits to match.

  6. haven’t tried nashbar house kits yet, i did have a chance to check out performance bikes house kits which are very nice for the price, i think its silly to spend crazy money for kit, (cough cough rapha, cough cough…) that being said i also like voler a lot they make all the shop kits of the local bike shops in the area, i have to full kits from them which i like

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