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Back on the Horse… If a Horse were made of Carbon Fiber…

May 2016
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My wife and I stepped off the plane at 11:05 am.  We had our checked bag by 11:15 and were sitting in our driveway by 11:30.

I worked until 4:45 but did manage to shoehorn a short nap in there.

I was hoping for a subdued Monday but that’s not what I got.  I was hoping to get a bike ride in before taking my daughters to swim practice.  No chance.  Humpty Dumpty fell his big ass off the fence and It was taking all afternoon to glue his rectum back on.

It was pretty wet anyway, at least till 2 or 3.

I trailered up our bikes and we took the girls to practice.  We were rolling ten minutes after dropping the girls at the pool.

We spun an easy 18 miles to get the legs moving again.  We skipped most of the hill climbing this time around and just went for a flatter route…  With the club ride tomorrow, there’s no way I wanted to show up with no miles on my legs over the last five.

The ride was rather humdrum (other than the fact that I was grinning ear to ear to be riding again) but there is an important point for the “taper” crowd.  A mistake that I made in thinking I should take a day off before a big ride or the club ride.

I like to joke that “I’ll taper when I’m dead”.  It’s not all joke though.  See, runners need to taper but cyclists, not so much.  Maybe a slower pace in the two days leading up to a big event but I’ll never take time off immediately before again.

Once I got used to riding every day I found that it takes a day to spin my legs up after a day off.  I’m actually better off riding hard two days in a row than I am taking a day off before giving it everything I’ve got…  I don’t know how this works as a general rule for most, but I can say for certain, it’s what works best for me.

Ride hard my friends, it’s good to be back.



  1. Gail says:

    I loved reading this. I have many clients who always have an “excuse” for not getting their workouts in…or really any kind of activity at all. Busy, busy, busy and then they play the kids activities card….busy. It CAN be done. Who says you have to SIT there whilst your children go to practice? There is always time in a day that can be carved out for just you!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Better, it MUST be done. I can’t even imagine how you get through the layers of BS that you… wait a minute, I help people recover from alcoholism. Yep, I know, it’s astounding. Chuckle! 😂

      • Gail says:

        Honestly? I walk around with a permanent look of wide eyed befuddlement with some of the layers of BS excuses that get showered upon me. I’m pretty sure that does not inspire confidence when I walk up to new clients…;)

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thank you for the comment Gail, it’s much appreciated. 😎

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