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On Raising Two Strong Daughters…

May 2016
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I won’t lie, I wanted a son, way back when… before I knew my ass from a hole in the ground about raising kids.

My wife and God gave me two very different daughters.  They are both beautiful, athletic and intelligent.  My wife has raised them well and I consider myself blessed beyond measure to have three wonderful ladies in my life.

I didn’t always feel this way, but that’s how it is now and has been for a goodly amount of time.

The change started in me.  I gave up on the old me and gave myself to the marriage.  I also discarded my reservations… that was the destructive part of me that had to go.

Today I came home from a brutal day at work.  My wife greeted me at the door with a smile and a kiss.  My eldest with a smile and a “hi dad”.  Then the youngest, just before leaving for swimming said, “hi daddy”.

I don’t know why, but with that last “hi daddy”, everything was okay.

Sometimes I get caught up in the rat race but my ladies always bring me back with a smile.  Sometimes it’s just about doing the next right thing – and letting it all work out.

I have no idea why I wrote this post but man, do I feel good about being me.

It also doesn’t hurt that I just got back from a 20 miler in pure sunshine… and short sleeves and shorts!  No arm or leg warmers.  Man was that nice.


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