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A Day in the Life: What It’s Like to Be Fit…

May 2016
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I get home from a rough day at the office.  I’m tired, I just want to take a nap.  My wife and kids greet me at the door with a smile on their face.  It makes the work worth it.  Still, a nap would be so nice…

I suit up anyway.  Fill a water bottle, pump up the tires.  Shorts, jersey, socks, shoes, helmet…

My wife and kids head out for swimming practice and I’m alone at home.  Damn tootin’, I could lay down on the bed, shut the ringer off on my phone and take a nice little nappy…

Out the door, clip in and I’m feeling like a new man within three minutes.  The stress of the day starts to melt off – after all, I’d done everything I could during the day to be a success.  I worked hard and I didn’t shy away from any of the difficult moments.  I did what was needed.  Within five miles, just over fifteen minutes in, and I’m smiling again.

The wind in my face, the sweet sound of my bike gliding over the asphalt…  Man, it’s good to be me.


Within ten miles, 32 minutes in, and I’m back to the me I like.  Confident, positive and happy to be on the right side of the grass, pumping air.  I’m feeling loose and free and I’m trying to talk myself into maintaining this pace rather than drop the hammer…  I’ve got all of the long weekend rides to think of so I’ve gotta take it easy.  Plenty of time to hammer over the weekend.

Twelve miles in and I check the time.  I have plenty left before I meet with my friends so I decide to extent my ride by 25%.  After all, on a weekday, a 20 mile bike ride is always better than a 16 mile ride…

16 miles in and I’m contemplating adding another four miles. I decide against that based on time but it’s not an easy decision.

I roll into the driveway with 20.05 miles and a smile on my face. I drink a quarter gallon of water, shower and I’m out the door. I meet with my friends for an hour, go out to dinner after.

I make it home about ten. I’m asleep within five minutes. I think I’m still smiling as I drift off and sleep takes me.




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