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A New Steed in Our Immediate Future!

May 2016
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Mrs. Bgddy and I test rode our first tandem today.  The shop owner took me out first, he captained for the first mile and a quarter, during which time he showed me exactly how uncomfortable it was to be on the back with no control of the bike.  Then I captained it back.  After a few adjustments, Mrs. Bgddy and I were up for our test spin.

The saddle was too low and I knew it right out of the gate but I figured I’d just muscle it out for  the test ride and have it fitted later.  Humorously, after almost sixteen miles of feeling like we just couldn’t get any speed going, I couldn’t take any more of the freaking saddle being too low.  My ass was starting to say very mean things to my melon – specifically the pain center.  So we stopped right before an intersection and I raised it up about an inch.  The next five miles were some of the easiest, fastest miles I’ve ever spent on a bike.  All of the instability that we’d been experiencing (that I thought was due to me being a noob on a tandem) stopped instantly…  My wife and I rock on that tandem together!

So that’s it, the decision was made on that test ride.  She’s coming home and my wife and I will be a tandem couple.

The story doesn’t quite end there though.  The owner of our shop has a very dry sense of humor… so we decided to pay him back.  After we pulled into the parking lot my wife got off the stoker saddle and stormed in, hollering at Matt that she thought the stoker couldn’t make any mistakes, that the ride was absolutely miserable and she was leaving.  We both started laughing and I asked if he would put a bow on it when we picked it up.

This evening I take the Venge in so we can transfer some measurements to the tandem.  Too cool.




  1. bribikes says:

    Hooray! I read the title and started grinning ear to ear, I can’t wait to read about the adventures you are about to have on that bicycle built for two 😀

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s pretty awesome… imagine two people, each on a 15 pound bike, drafting as they go down the road. Then fuse the two bikes together… You get double the power, a little added weight but you get the same wind resistance as a single bike… Put a couple strong riders on that and it’s badass.

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    Well I have been waiting to see how it went. I’ll have to let Dave know the great outcome.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Definitely. We’re very much looking forward to spending the summer on it. We did very well together. There are some growing pains to work through but after what we’ve been through, it’s chicken feed. Thanks Sue.

  3. Dan says:

    My wife and I did a 30 mile ride on one and it’s not for us. Our riding style is too dissimilar and one of us would not survive to tell about it! With the right partner though? You bet!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal. My wife has had a fair desire to ride with us big dogs so she’s managed to become quite the cyclist – definitely above average…. if she was a guy. She and I do very well together on a tandem. And we’re flipping FAST.

  4. The Comotion looks great! Glad you two are going tandem. It’s about time Mrs. Bgddy shows you a thing or two or three.

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