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Racing the Rain… On a Bicycle. Yeah, that Rarely Works Out.

May 2016
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The original plan was to roll at 7:30 but looking at the weather forecast, the rain was due to hit us at 10.  I changed it to 7 hoping that would keep us dry.

We rolled out in perfect cycling conditions.  55 degrees and rising with minimal, single digit wind.  Fortunately Diane brought her rain jacket and I had my rain bike… so that is supposed to keep the rain away.  Right?

Well, my Weather Channel app said that rain was expected and 10:45.  We left at 7 am with eyes on 70 miles.  Do the math, it’s going to be close.  Within 15 minutes if we don’t stop.  Well, we stopped once and the rain bike/rain jacket thing only worked for three hours.  And we only averaged 19.2 mph.

We tried to race the rain and lost.

My wife and I pulled into the driveway with 64 and 66 miles (and change) respectively.  My wife was struggling with the pace a little bit so she cut out early to head home.  At some point she thought differently and ended up meeting us about 15 miles from home and latched back on as we rolled by…

Heck, I was impressed she made it 45 miles with us today.  The fact that she didn’t just head home, that she figured out where she could latch back on with us, then decided to do it…  Well, that’s just plain awesome. 

Fortunately the bikes aren’t too messy, so it’s off to cut the grass.  Then some bike maintenance.  New tires for my wife…. then I’m going to do it all over again tomorrow.

Perfect.  Weekend.  Well, close enough for government work… it would have been nice to beat the rain.  Can’t win them all.


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