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Daily Archives: May 8, 2016

Training, Schmaining… Goals, Schmoals… Why not Just Ride (or Run, or Swim, I Suppose)

I used to “train”.  I used to set goals.  I used to smash those goals on a regular basis.  I used to use those goals as motivation to “train”.  I used to use a fitness tracker on every ride.  I used to intricately dissect every last bit of data from my rides.  Speed, average speed, speed carried up a particular climb…  I stopped short at a power meter because they’re more money that I cared to sink into “data”…

Then I stopped.  Cold turkey, if you will.

My goals are much simpler today.  Be ready for this ride, be in good enough shape to do that ride at better than 20 mph…  Things like that, nothing specific.  Boiled down even further, if one or more of my friends says, before the spring is through, “man, you’re strong this year”, I’m good.  I’m where I need to be.

I don’t need goals like I used to.  I definitely don’t need the data.  I don’t need anything for motivation anymore.  And for good reason:

I need to ride.

I often read the posts of others who write about training and I find myself a little envious that I can’t write a post about my own training.  Then I remember that why I don’t have to train anymore and it puts a smile on my face…

Fitness is fun for me, and for that I am grateful.

Ride hard my friends.