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Fit Revovery: The Excellent Week in Review May 2 – 8.

If I wake up  early in the morning, take this morning for example, I like to just wake up rather than attempt to fall back asleep and just lay there.  It is a rare day when I can wake up at ten minutes after 3 and still fall back asleep.

I’ve regularly chosen to stay awake, rather than lay there trying to fall back asleep, as early as 2:00 am.  Not last night.

Last week was fairly easy right up until Friday.  We’d just gotten back from a short weekend vacation so Mrs. Bgddy and I dropped the girls off at swim practice and took to the local roads for an easy 18 mile ride.  Tuesday was pretty standard, the club ride plus a seven mile warmup – it was fast but my buddy Mike and I got dropped early.  Wednesday was a rain day so I took the day off.  Thursday was a glorious, mild Spring day so I extended my normal 16 mile route to 20, just because.  That ride was a little faster than it should have been.  Then came Friday and our tandem test ride.  The ride wasn’t long but I was completely out of position on the bike so I carried several abnormal pains into Friday.  In fact, I’d gotten the saddle height pretty close after 15 miles riding with it an inch too low, but when measurements were transferred, the saddle came back a full inch (2.54 cm) and the stem is being swapped out from the current 80 mm to 130mm.  Folks, that’s a cockpit way out of whack.  The total for Friday’s excursion was only 23-1/2 miles but being that far off caused a lot of problems for me on Saturday – and Saturday marked the start of the long rides.

We ended up with a little more than 66 miles on Saturday and 48 on Sunday.  By the time I pulled into the driveway Sunday morning, I was spent.  The first minute in the shower was excruciating.  My pain wasn’t over yet though…  My wife did a favor for one of her friends yesterday rather than ride with us so we all went for a family ride before dinner – but after playing badminton for a good 45 minutes.  I made a joke before we even set the net up that I’d be playing helicopter badminton (Stand with your arms out and twirl around – in other words, daddy wasn’t moving much).  After badminton we suited up and headed out for the family ride.  I ended up with another 6-1/2 slow miles with the family – and believe me, it hurt.  On Mother’s Day though, you muscle through it.

Fortunately, Aquaphor to the rescue and I’m in much better shape today.

Anyway, my wife and I ended up asleep before 10:30 last night and I woke up around 3 this morning.  I was all set to go out and start up the coffee and thought better just before heading out to the kitchen.  I laid back down and was out for the count within seconds.  I didn’t wake up until the alarm went off at 4:30.  This never happens.  It’s a rare day I’m lucky enough to fall back asleep like that.  I was truly wiped out.

So, I ended up with 221 miles for the week.  Not spectacular, but considering we’re not even into the centuries (100 miles, not km’s – we’re well into the 100k’s), that’s a pretty decent week.  The Tuesday Club ride was well north of a 20 mph average and we averaged better than 19 both Saturday and Sunday (19..2 and 19.3 respectively)…  Thursday was 18-1/2, not bad for a solo easy ride (but too fast) and Monday was just a shade over 17.

This evening I’ll be heading out with my wife for a very easy 18 miles – better to keep the legs spun up than to take a day off and struggle tomorrow.