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“Sorry Honey, I knew my bike had a frame when I left. I musta lost it”…

May 2016

You walk in the house, head down…..  Oh yeah, you’re carrying your bike frame over your shoulder as of you were a cyclocross’er at a run-up…  “Damn, Honey… I knew this thing had wheels when I left this morning.  I think I lost ’em about twenty miles ago… but I’m not quite sure.”  You add, “Not to worry, that set of Enve wheels I’ve been eyeing cost less than $4,000.  A drop in the bucket.”

My cycling brother from another mother, the Ragtime Cyclist and I started this line of thinking over a post he wrote about losing or leaving behind shades at a café…  Specifically why he now chooses cheaper cycling shades now.  From there, it devolved from “Honey I lost my bike” (mine) to “I knew this thing had wheels on it when I left?!” (his).

Dude, it could happen!

In fact, losing one’s wheels would be much more likely than the economy improving with Bernie Sanders as president.  Actually, while we’re at it, you’d also have an easier time trying to sell it to your wife that you lost your wheels or even your bike compared to explaining how Bernie Sanders could help improve the economy…

Crazy Bernie notwithstanding, I think we’re really onto something here when it comes to the whole, N+1, or more importantly, S-1 equations that relate to bicycle ownership.  In fact, this innovative thinking could actually repair damaged marriages when you think about it!  Imagine all the “You want to spend what on wheels?!” arguments that won’t have to be fought!  Think about all of the “You want a new bike?!” fights that won’t be had! Honey, I need that Venge ViAS… I lost my bike on the way home!

If you’re in the selection committee for the Nobel Peace Prize, please go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll give you my email address.



  1. totally lost… did i miss the preview? 😮

  2. Sheree says:

    Jim, you know that’s not going to work, don’t you?

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