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Tuesday Night Club Ride: Riding the Couch Edition

May 2016

Yep, I rode the couch last night.

The weather was iffy – on again, off again cold rain.  Rain is my Achilles heel.  I just can’t get into starting out in the rain.  If it rains while I’m out, no problem.  If it’s raining when it’s time to roll, forget about it.  I figure I put in plenty of miles anyway, one day off here and there won’t hurt.

Besides, both of my road bikes were recently cleaned and lubed up – the Trek on Monday and the Venge yesterday.  I can’t escape the irony of that – the Trek is my rain bike.

Instead of riding, I went to my eldest daughter’s spring band concert then followed that up with a small ice cream cone and the Tigers game on the couch.

There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night but I missed riding.  Ah well, today is another day and I’ll be riding this evening but there is a bright side to this… I really needed a day out of Lycra.

I’ve written recently about a few sore areas that needed a minute to heal after test riding a bike that wasn’t fit properly, by my standards (which are, admittedly, obnoxiously high) anyway. I am notorious for riding through anything that doesn’t strictly keep me from riding. Saddle sores? Meh, I need more saddle time. Aches and pains? I always try to ride through them before I’ll take time off.  So far this has served me well but in this case, the day off definitely did a lot of good.

It’ll be right back at it this evening though.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Yeah, that’s right. I’d say you’ve earned a night on the couch–after hanging with the family! 🙂

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