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The Abundant Beauty of a Bicycle and an Hour.

May 2016
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One hour.  Seventeen to twenty miles.  A thousand calories burned up (give or take).

Being me isn’t easy but it’s pretty decent at the same time.  While I’ve had bad things happen to me and my life is sometimes stressful, I’ve known for a long time that when times get tough, if I just do the next right thing and work hard, the ship will right itself.  This too shall pass.

I also make that one hour every day during the week a top priority.

Like sobriety, life simply wouldn’t be as enjoyable without my daily ride.  I wouldn’t smile as much, I wouldn’t sleep as well, and I wouldn’t have the stamina to give life everything I’ve got when it matters.

Being fit is a manner of cheating, really.  Most people aren’t lucky enough to know what people like me take for granted:

I can work at being fit an hour a day and enjoy the other 23 hours of the day or I can choose to struggle through all 24.  It’s that simple.

Pay now, or pay later.  Either way, you’re paying.

I choose to pay in sweat.

Ride hard my friends, it sure beats the alternative.



1 Comment

  1. Sandra says:

    Freaking phenomenal post. Show. Up. Every. Day.

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