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Stoked to Tandem…

My 130 mm stem came in and was installed yesterday, as did my 105 rear derailleur.  That went on too…

It’s ready to come home today, so that means?

Yeah, we should be ready for our first group ride tomorrow morning.  Nothing like jumping right in with both feet. 

I’m exceptionally stoked to start this new phase of cycling with my wife.  It’s like starting all over again, but with my wife, and I don’t have to bother with the awkward beginner phase, because I’m already awesome.

So, unless we get too ridiculously busy, today will be the day.  And I absolutely cannot wait.

More tomorrow. After.


It’s set up for my eldest daughter here, she was dying for a short test ride.

“Whatever, Brother. I Roll with You.”

I’ve written quite a bit about my best cycling buddy, Mike but always just in passing.  Last year I spent more miles with Mike than anyone else.  It won’t be that way this year, mainly because my wife and I will be on a tandem quite a bit from now on.

That said, Mike and I are cut from the same cloth though he’s got quite a few years on me.  The age difference doesn’t matter much though – what matters is we ride the same pace and we are both utter cycling enthusiasts.

Mike’s the guy in the lead, followed by my buddy, Phill, my wife, and Matt…

If there were a such thing as a “brother from another mother”, Mike is mine.  We’re very much the same when it comes to bike components matching, kit matching when we represent at special rides, etc..  We’re an odd couple of cycling buds but it works so we roll with it.

Every cyclist should be so lucky to have a buddy like Mike.  When one of us doesn’t want to ride, the other does.  Unless it’s raining before a scheduled ride then we’re of the same mind, “Meh, why get the bikes dirty?”  On the other hand, it takes a snow storm to make us cut a ride short once we’re on the road.

Mike and I have spent countless miles on the road, we’ve eaten so many post-ride meals together, I’ve lost track.  We even volunteer at the same events (I know, I don’t write about that much…  I always struggle with the axiom, “if you have to boast about doing good, you did nothing good”).

I’d roll anywhere with Mike, he is my best bud on two wheels.  I would call him my best “friend” on two wheels but my wife and I ride together, so that distinction is reserved for her.  If you don’t have a best cycling bud, find one.  They’re worth their weight in gold and make the sport that much more fun.