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120 Miles Before the Weekend

May 2016
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Well, technically it’s 119 but whatever, that’s definitely closer than government work.

Next week is the Horsey Hundred so we’ve got 70 miles on the docket for tomorrow and 50 for Sunday.  The weather finally normalized too, so it’s sunshine and 70’s all week long.

I rode solo on Monday, an easy 16.  Tuesday was the club ride, so 37 there.  Then, for Wednesday, Mrs. Bgddy and I took the tandem out for 16. Yesterday was a fun 20, all after work.  This morning, between work calls, which were constant, my wife and I managed to squeeze in 30.  Add them up and that should be 119.

It was a perfect morning for a ride too.  Sunny, 60’s, with a gentle breeze and my wife and I are making great strides in working together. The local bike shop owner’s wife said today that it seems tandems have a tendency to tear a marriage apart or bring the couple closer. As long as we keep this up, it’ll definitely be the latter for us.

I love that freaking bike!

In any event, I’ll end up with about 240 for the week… Then next week is the Horsey Hundred in Kentucky so other than Tuesday night, I’ll be riding easy all week… Till Saturday, then it’s gonna be @$$holes and elbows!

Can’t wait.



  1. Eric says:

    Nice whether and a new bike will help add on the miles pretty easily. I was at 175 for the week after yesterday’s single track preview. I’m doing my first race on Sunday out at Island Lake on the Fat Bike. So some easy miles tomorrow so legs are fresh and ready for Sunday. I love road cycling and group rides however I draw the line at road racing because I don’t want to risk injury. Hitting dirt is way easier on the body then pavement.

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