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Fitness doesn’t have to be a job, unless you want it to be.

May 2016
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I regularly read a blog written by a woman who is having a go at running.  Without shoes on.  Seriously, dude.  No shoes.  Running.  I don’t walk to the car in the driveway without shoes on.

Having been a runner myself, I can’t help but think, ‘Freaking nutter’, whenever she writes about the numerous physical problems she goes through trying trying to run shoeless.  On the other hand, it clearly makes her happy for whatever reason.

I tried thinking about what it would be like, going through that…

Two steps forward, one step back.  Having to completely learn how to run all over again.  Giving up all of the speed I’d worked so hard to gain in the first place…  No thanks!  It feels too much like a job to me.

If I look at that from another perspective though, while I love to go fast and am willing to work harder than most to go fast, I’m only willing to go so far because I won’t turn riding a bicycle for fitness into a job.  I’m still wearing freaking shoes too, dude!

On the other hand, I do get it to an extent.  I understand the desire to do something different, for whatever reason (even if I can’t understand for the life of me why).  We folks who are into living a fit lifestyle do some pretty weird things because they put a smile on our face.

Yesterday evening I went for a sixteen mile ride and was having so much fun I decided to extend it to 20 miles (I was limited by time.  I had a meeting at 7:30, otherwise I’d have gone 30 or more.  I made it with 1 minute to spare)3.  I know people who think riding four miles is a big deal, let alone adding four miles to a 16 mile ride.  To them, I’m a nut and I’m perfectly okay with that.  There are others out there who would take a couple of hours to ride that 16 miles.  I rode the 20 in a little more than an hour – to those who choose to ride slower, I’m a nut and again, I’m perfectly okay with that.

Enjoying fitness is truly an “in the eye of the beholder” kind of thing.  If it keeps you fit and feeling good, have at it and enjoy the smile.  Being a nut or not is simply a matter of perspective.

Ride hard my friends, be happy.


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  1. 🙂 i get this one, completely! i’m in “barefoot” sneakers all the time! not the kind with the toe boxes, but the “newer” ones that look like a sneaker… without a real sole. stronger calves and ankles. no impact on knees or hips. of course, it took quite some time to learn how to walk toe first, instead of pounding heel first. big difference. not for everyone, but… definitely i dig ’em.

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