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Finally, Spring Shows Up. The Nicest Ride of the Year.

May 2016

Yesterday evening was perfect for cycling.  Now, allow me to be very clear here:  Any day that it isn’t raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing or blowing beyond what can be considered “Gail-force winds” is pretty much a great day for a ride (notice I left out freezing?).

That said, a great day should never be confused with a perfect day. 

A perfect day for a bike ride is thusly described for those troglodytes who don’t ride a bicycle:  The good bike was cleaned and lubed early that morning.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Temperature between 75 and 79 (a perfect 77 in this case).  Single-digit breeze between 4 & 7 mph (just enough to feel but not enough to be difficult to cut through).

Last evening was one of those unicorn days.  And. It. Was. Freaking. Awesome.

Of course, you can’t win them all… the roads I was stuck with having dropped my girls at swim practice, sucked but I was okay with that.  I sucked it up.

Instead of my normal 17 mile course, I extended it by a few to make it an even 20.  After a hard 120 mile Saturday and Sunday, and the club ride for tomorrow, I was forced to take it easy and stick to simply spinning my legs ’round.  I was a little fast but dammit, it was a perfect day!  It’s amazing that I kept it to 18 mph!

Actually, I wanted to blast it so bad that I had to have a fairly continuous smack down going on the committee.

A good, hard day’s work followed by an awesome perfect bike ride…  It can get better than that but a lot has to go right.

Keeping my mind occupied so I can enjoy a productive, sober life used to be an order of magnitude harder before I got into fitness.  Gratitude was fleeting.  Tolerance may have been our code but I didn’t practice it well.

Anyway, with a big long weekend coming up, I’m feeling pretty good about life on two wheels and in general lately. As long as I do the next right thing and “keep my side of the street clean”, good things happen.


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