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Specialized: The Venge ViAS vs. The Venge Comp…

May 2016


The S-Works Venge ViAS Di2.  $13,000


The Venge Comp (2013):  $5,000 including 1,460 gram wheel set, FSA carbon wrapped stem, S-Works Aerofly handlebar and S-Works carbon crank and spider upgrades.

Venge ViAS Di2 weight:  17.8 pounds
Venge Comp weight:  16.8 pounds

That’s right, my Venge Comp is a pound lighter than the ViAS.  And I have $8,000 less into it.

Venge ViAS Di2 aerodynamics:  Dude.  Off the charts.
Venge Comp aerodynamics:  Pretty damned good, though the wheels are obviously lacking, especially compared to the Roval 60’s (though I could put the Roval 40’s on my bike with no weight penalty – that’s just a matter of fundage).

While the front end aerodynamics of both bikes are quite close, with the obvious exceptions being wheels and brakes, and the fact that there are no exposed cables on the front (which looks even better in person imao), the back end aerodynamics of the ViAS are simply off the hook.  If you could draft a twig on my Comp, you can draft a piece of cooked spaghetti on the ViAS.

Now there’s an important question in there and “Is the aerodynamic advantage greater?,” is not it. Of course it’s greater, any fool with eyeballs can see that.

The question is, “Is the aerodynamic advantage worth $8,000“?

See, what we do know about aerodynamics is that you actually have to be fast in the first place to make it work. We know this is so because we know that, as speed increases, so does air or wind resistance. The trick is wind resistance increases exponentially as speed does (and thus the power needed to push it aside). Thus the need to cut through it.


The truth is, you would have to be exceptionally fast in the first place just to notice the difference between a ViAS and my Comp. For that reason, this is a very personal question that must be answered.

I’m fast, there’s no doubt about it. I’m not that fast, though.

While the Venge ViAS is a stunning piece of engineering, it’s exceptionally more pleasing to the eye up close and in person that it is in photos, I’m not fast enough to justify $8,000 more than what I’ve got into my bike already.

That said, if I had $13,000* sitting around that needed to be spent to justify my taxes (legally, of course) and if i weren’t teetering on S-1, I’d snap one up in a second.

*If you watch eBay you can find gently a used Venge ViAS from $7,000 – $9,000. Now that price point is a little more enticing.


  1. Especially with the 64mm deep Rovals, when you’re rocking along at 25mph or more you would absolutely notice the difference between your Venge and the ViAS. Is that difference worth $8k? Well that’s a very personal and financial opinion! Then there’s the small matter of Di2 on there as well. It’s certainly not double the bike of your Venge, but diminishing returns and all that…

    Oh and the Roval 40’s are a fantastic all-round “summer bike” wheelset. Deep enough to get aero advantage while still being light enough for climbing. I was very close to buying a pair.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I’m still trying to figure out how to snap up a set… With the new tandem I think they just got put off again but that’s a good trade.

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