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On Finding Time for Fitness: Part 369


I like the line, “take care of your body, it’s the only one you get”.

I don’t argue for expunging meat, burgers, pizza or any other fun food from the diet.  I’m not going to recommend a diet that consists of food from an Era when, seriously now, the average lifespan of a man was less than half what it is now.  I don’t recommend a diet of extremes, neither only meat nor only vegetables.  Both are equally laughable as far as I’m concerned.  In fact, while in line at a local Subway the other day, a woman asked the sub maker to change her gloves to make her veggie sub…  So I asked her to change them again when she got to mine so she didn’t get any veggies on my meat.

I haven’t had to completely give up ice cream or chocolate chip cookies.  I still eat popcorn every now and again.  I still enjoy a donut two or three times a year.  I eat pizza once a week and always have the flexibility to fit in a good burger in for dinner.

There does happen to be a but coming though.  There’s always a but, or in this case, it’s either a but or a butt and a gut.

I can’t eat a lot.  Even in mid-cycling season when I’m cranking out a thousand miles in a month (I had 920 in May), I have to watch how much I eat.  I can have a treat now and again, especially after a long day on the bike, but for the most part I choose to abstain so I can look awesome in my cycling kit.

Then there’s part two of the but.  I actually have to put in long days on my bike every now and again.  I have to find time for fitness (or we could say I have to make time, you say tomato…).

An hour a day on the weekdays and a couple of long days on the weekend.  The shorter hour-long rides during the week help me to cope with stress and allow me to eat what I enjoy – not try to make otherwise gnarly, calorie sparse foods (i.e. quinoa or chia seeds) seem appealing by dressing them up a little bit.

Last week, one of my customers said to me, “Damn Jim, at your age you’re wearing shirts that I haven’t been able to fit into since I was in high school”.  Ladies and gentlemen, the circumference of my waist is still less that of my inseam.  This isn’t by accident and it certainly isn’t because I have good genes (they’re fair, nothing more).  The reality is, I found a way to stay fit that keeps my interest and puts a smile on my face in cycling.  I wasn’t always so lucky though.  For eight years I stayed fit by running three or four times a week.  I put up with running because it beat gaining weight, but I never loved it like I do bike riding.

The secret to my success is this:  I found something I could live with until I found something I loved.  It’s as simple as that.

Fat is no more an accident than fit.  Just remember not to quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

Ride hard my friends.

UPDATE:  Rex added in the comments section:  “The one thing I hope readers don’t miss here is that you cannot neglect proper nutrition! The latter combined with exercise is what will give folks results like you’re seeing.”  Rex and I are in complete agreeance on this.  I always find it difficult to make sure and get this important reality across clearly.  Thanks Rex.


  1. rexathletics says:

    I really like this one! The one thing I hope readers don’t miss here is that you cannot neglect proper nutrition! The latter combined with exercise is what will give folks results like you’re seeing.
    Keep it up bud! 🖒


  2. bwahahahaha! change the gloves to prevent the veggies from getting on your meat! hahahaha! i’m dying. i’m dying here. that’s *excellent!* i can’t imagine the look you got. it had to be satisfying. *wipes eyes* thanks. that was the best morning laugh.

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Agreeing completely with you and Rex. Have to have the nutrition aspect. Haha to asking for the glove change. You crack me up.

  4. Gail says:

    Yep!! I also agree with Rex. Listen I am a FITNESS professional, not a nutritionist (though I could easily play one on TV with a degree of realism). I’m always a blonde cheerleader for being active, but I’m not a dumb blonde cheerleader. You can’t outrun a bad diet. You can’t outbike it either, as you point out in your well written post. By the way….subway story…dying….is it wrong that I want to hang out in a sandwich shop until this opportunity presents itself to me?

    • bgddyjim says:

      I was just lucky with Subway. I’ve been on a big thought experiment lately revolving around what would it be like if normal people acted like vegans. It’s almost always worth a laugh.

  5. bberns27 says:

    Fitness can be quick and easy. Just have the right resources.

    Sidenote: I am starting a Blog that will include home workouts to get you off the couch!

    Please check it out

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